Friday, December 29, 2017

cosplay kashiwazakisena maidcafe Heahair tutorial

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Cosplay inspired by 
kashiwazakisena anime character.

Let's get started with the review!

Great quality wig feels and looks like  real hair.

Color its a beautiful blonde and at top its dark.

Wig is medium- long length and curly style at the back.

Very easy to brush and style too.


Quality :5/5 stars

Color: 5/5 stars

Easy to wear : 5/5 stars

Texture: 5/5 stars

Over all : 5/5 stars

There are different ways to apply the lace front wig.

One way is to glue the lace front to your wig cap with a blow drier.

Others cut the lace out.

I folded the lace inside just to try it out but it's not that great of a way if you have to wear the wig all day.

I recommend either cutting a litte bit of the lace or using a good wig glue to keep it in place.

I'm still experimenting and I will make a tutorial on it.

Cosplay ootd:

Black dress

Black fish net stockings

Maid apron and accessories


Video tutorial on how to apply the wig will be coming soon!☺


Top & bottom eyelashes

Light beige eye shadow on top

Smokey eyes 

White eyeliner pencil

Pink lipstick

Concealer & foundation

Here is a quick way with no tape or glue needed to apply the wig : 

Thank you Heahair for the wonderful wig! I loved it! 😊. Its an honor to work with your brand.

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