Friday, January 31, 2014

Chinese New Year Food and Decorations

Happy Chinese New year!

I hope everyone had a good Chinese new year celebrations. Here are some decorations and food I made for Chinese new year. I would of made more but with the super bowl I been very busy getting ready for both events. But I will post a Geisha tutorial this weekend!. I got to wear my kimono today yay!. ^^


Korean Chocolate Pepero and M&M'S

Soy Sauce , Bento boxes of Choco cat and Hunter x hunter.

Chinese new year fortune cookies!


Here is another video of Chinese new year food:

Happy Chinese New Year!

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

♥ Sponsorship :KKcenterHK♥ Chinese New Year Nails

                            Sponsorship: KKcenterHK
                             Chinese new year nails!

Online store:


unique coupon code : electrofriesfashionista

Coupon Amount : 10% Off

   They have a lot of nail stickers for less then $5.00 each. Variety of themes such as animals , flowers , holidays , celebrities , cartoons and more.

This is how the product looks like when you receive it.

Water decals stickers for nails Review ratings:

Condition of package: ★★★★★

Water decals condition: ★★★★★

Easy to use:★★★★★

Easy to apply: ★★★★★


Last a long time:★★★★★ ( 2 weeks)

Chinese new year 2014 will be celebrated on January 30th until February 8th. The actual day is January 31st but the celebrations last 1 week or so. This year it's the year of the horse. The stickers have rabbits for Asia the rabbit is a symbol of prosperity and good luck. 

The rest of the stickers are symbols in Chinese for a good year , and fireworks for the celebrations.

Chinese new year is also celebrated in other countries in Asia , known as "Lunar new year". They follow a lunar calendar and each year they have a different animal. For example ; 2011 year of the rabbit , 2012 year of the dragon , 2013 year of the snake , and 2014 year of the horse.

If you are a Anime fan watch Fruits Basket it shows the Chinese horoscope animals and it will be a lot easier to understand. =)

For this tutorial you will need:
1. Scissor
2. Tweezer
3. Plastic container for the water
4. Water

You will also need:

Red glitter  nail polish 
Gold glitter nail polish 
Red nail polish
Clear nail polish 
White nail art marker 

Let's start with step by step instructions:

Step 1: Use red nail polish.

Step 2: Cut the nail stickers.

Step 3: Use a little water container and 

soak the sticker.Soak for 5 seconds.

Step 4: Peel off the sticker , from the paper.

Step 5: Place the sticker on the nail.

Step 6: Use clear nail polish on top. 

Repeat the same 6 steps for all the other nails.

Be very careful when you peel off the sticker.

Step 7: Use a nail art marker and write " Happy" , "2014".

 Step 8: Use clear nail polish after you 

write with the nail art marker.

Step 9: Use gold glitter nail polish to decorate the nails

Step 10: Use red glitter nail polish to decorate.

Done! Remember to use red & gold. They are traditional 

colors for Chinese new year.

Happy Chinese New year!

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Friday, January 24, 2014

New year! New way of blogging!

New year! New way of blogging!

January is pretty much the month where everyone gets organized to get started on new projects.
So Im getting my 5 blogs and my only youtube channel all organized!. My shops are all organized I still gotta finish 1 but it's pretty much done.

This year I will be posting a new blog post on this blog every Thursday. This blog is more personal and I blog a little bit about everything.

This year I'll be blogging about events , travel , cooking , DIY projects , tutorials , hauls and more!.

On every blog I'll be posting polls every week to interact with my readers and subscribers too.

If you would like to stay updated to my blogs all you have to do is go to the right hand of this blog and click " follow" and you become one of my readers =).

I give monthly freebies for my readers and 2 subscriber giveaways for my subscribers on youtube.
I will be giving giveaways and freebies more often this year. If you want to participate all you have to do is subscribe and follow and stay subscribed to participate anytime =).

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Baesuk 배숙

Baesuk Korean steamed pear:

Baesuk is a Korean dessert very easy to make and delicious to eat. Here I'll tell you step  by step how to make it and the recipe too.


1 Asian pear ( also known as Korean pear).
2 tbs of honey 
 1 tbs of ginger , 
1/2 ts cinnamon powder 
 1 tbs of pine nuts (optional)

2 jujubes. (optional)

Step 1: Wash your Asian pear and cut 1 
inch of the top. Don't throw out the top, save it.

Step 2: Scoop out the middle of the Asian 
pear. Throw out the seeds. Place the pieces 

of inside the pear in a bowl and save it.

Step 3: Add 2 tbs of honey ,  1 tbs of ginger , 
1/2 ts cinnamon powder , 1 tbs of pine nuts , 

2 jujubes.

Step 4: Add back the pear 
pieces and put on the top of the pear.

Step 5: Place the pear in a bowl. Steam 1 hour 
over medium high heat.  It can be served hot 

or cold.

You're done! enjoy your Korean Baesuk! ^ _^

You can check out the video tutorial to see step by step how to make Baesuk:

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Year! New way of blogging!!

New year! New way of blogging!

     Every Monday I'll be blogging here about fashion and beauty =). 
   I love fashion! Im a fashion designer , I make and design my own clothes. This year I will show more of my fashion creations and some sketches too.

    I love beauty products! Im a makeup artist , I make makeup tutorials , reviews and hauls. I also have done some makeup sketches I will post more of that too. I will post more reviews , favorites , hauls and special videos and blog post's.

   I always had a passion for art , fashion and makeup since I was a kid =). I love what I do and I that's why I share my passion to inspire and teach others that there is more to loving what you do. =)

I been changing my blog I added all the links in the bottom to ad's on the side of the blog to make it easier to get around =D.

Also I'll be posting new polls every week as a way to interact with my readers and subscribers. You can vote anytime if you want to. =)

  Every Monday I'll be updating this blog and if you want to stay updated and get the monthly freebies right away all you have to do is follow my blogs on the right hand side in the section
 " readers google plus". Just click "follow" and that's it .^^

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hello Kitty Favorites

Hello kitty Favorites from the holiday season. I know the holidays are over but I wanted to share some Hello kitty ornaments , plush and more favorites I got this year =).
On the photo above Hello kitty holiday plush on sale for $2.00 =D.

Hello kitty ornament at Sanrio store came in gift bag with Sanrio goodies for $2.00.

          Hello kitty winter plush on sale $2.00 at CVS. 

You can check out more Hello kitty products at my youtube channel on this playlist:

I'm a Hello kitty collector you can find a lot of hauls of Hello kitty and other products.

Also I'm adding polls on all my blogs for you to participate if you like =). Every week I'll be changing the polls in order to connect more with my subscribers and readers.^^ 

More new features are coming in the following weeks!.

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Google plus shout outs

Google plus shout outs:

I want to give a shout out to Uwe Woo! ^..^

Thank you so much for the lovely Chinese New year e-card =D. 
Thank you for your kindness , I appreciate it a lot =).

Thank you! ^...^

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Candy Haul

Candy Haul:

All this candy was bought at CVS , they were having a sale for the holidays and combining the sales and coupons I was able to make a haul ^^.

Candy haul includes:

Milk Duds 
Chocolate bars 

Here is the video so you can take a closer look at the candy haul. =)

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hunter Hunter Anime Bento Box

    Hunter Hunter anime bento box from Japan for 0.99 cents!. Free shipping and handling.

     I found this cute bento box on Ebay I don't know if they are still on sale , because they were sold out pretty fast. The bento box is made in Japan and is also shipped from Japan as well in original package brand new condition.

On sale at this Ebay store:

                                    Label of Bento box

                        Inside look of the bento box.

The shipping is fast , if you live in the US it takes about 2 weeks for the product to arrive. The seller is nice and the product arrived in good condition. =)

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Korean Store Favorites

Korean Store Favorites:

I went to a Korean store and restaurant called Rice. The store has so many products! probably like 1,000 Asian products which is amazing!. You never finish to explore all the store and I only been there twice (。✪‿✪。). The store sells variety of products and also has kitchen tools , chopsticks , tea sets , pots and pans , and more.

Some of the products I bought so far are displayed on the photo above. I will buy more for Chinese new year ^^.


Yam Yam are snacks from Singapore they are cookies with strawberry cream and they only cost 0.99 cents. Yummy!

Vietnamese Rice paper cost $1.59 perfect for Summer rolls! yummy!

Geisha chopsticks from Japan only 0.59 cents. Amazing price!

Korean Chocolate cookie sticks for only 0.99 cents. yummy!

Korean Seaweed perfect for sushi 0.50 cents. yummy!

They also have free Korean - American newspaper. The news paper is in Korean language but the news is about what happens in the US and South Korea.

You can visit the store and restaurant here:

I will buy more products soon , and maybe try the food at the restaurant too. ^..^

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