Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hawaii Week! Aloha!

Aloha! On my youtube channel I been doing Hawaii week! Today Sunday it's the last day Im going to upload videos related to Hawaii. I been doing Hawaii fashion , Nail DIY , Hello kitty store decorated Hawaii theme and subscriber giveaways Rilakkuma Hawaii theme as well. It was fun!

I always got inspired by different places Hawaii is my inspiration when it comes to summer season. The floral prints , the tan , the bright color's and the fashion style in the islands.I never been to Hawaii but I study fashion and I always loved to learn about different fashion styles and cultures too.

I have a friend that lives in Honolulu , Hawaii , he is on Youtube as well "Grant Uchida" he is a musician  and comedian artist and very good at what he does.He has been doing comedy and music videos for years and he has live shows in Hawaii. You can check him out at his youtube channel:

Here is a video a made about Hawaii Fashion:

 Hawaii fashion for women , inspired by Hawaii landscapes and flowers.
 Hawaii fashion for women , this was inspired by the beach.
 Hawaii fashion for men , inspired by the beach and flowers.
 Hawaii Hats for men or women.

Hello Kitty store decorated Hawaii theme:

Hawaii Kawaii Rilakkuma Subscriber Giveaway:

 Hawaii Nails DIY

I bought Hawaii floral nail stickers at Aeropostale and made a nail DIY so you can get the look too.

 Here is the Hawaii Nail DIY:

Thank you for visiting!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hello Kitty Pencil DIY

 Hello Kitty Pencil DIY

This DIY shows you how to create a Hello Kitty pencil in easy and fun way. 
All you need is: ribbons , pencil , tape, and hello kitty paper tops.
You can print this cute Hello Kitty paper pencil tops at their website , just make sure you go to the section that says "goodies" and  you get wallpapers , ecards , printable stuff and more. =)

Here is the video of the Hello Kitty Pencil DIY:


Thank you for visiting! More Hello kitty videos coming soon.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Teen Top - I wanna love Nail DIY

Teen Top - I wanna love Nail DIY

The music video of Teen top - I wanna love inspire me to make a nail DIY. What I loved the most about this video is that the setting it's in a city. I was born and raised in a big city every time I see the city reminds me of my childhood. I think the video was filmed at Seoul , South Korea. 

There are 2 nails I design that look like a city at night. The clothes used on this music video were amazing! and the K-Pop band members of Teen Top are so cute too!. It's the perfect combination of a good music video.

 Here is the Nail DIY video so you get the look!

Here are the nail polish I used for this DIY.
 Here are the nail designs.

I hope you liked the tutorial ! more K-Pop nail tutorials coming soon!
Thank you for visiting!

Friday, June 14, 2013

EXO - History Nails & Fashion DIY

Exo -History Nails inspired by the music video. In the last month I been taking request from my subscribers on Youtube and they have some great request! Some K-Pop fans that are subscribed to my channel requested to do EXO - History and I listen to their request and made it =D.

I admire the video and got inspired by the music , fashion and the cute K-Pop singers too XD.
The colors I used for this DIY were the colors I saw the most on the music video ; silver , black , white , purple , gray , and stars with glitter.

In the photo above I display the nail polish colors I used.
Revlon : Metallic silver.
 Wet 'n' Wild : Stars with glitter , white ,silver , and purple.
 Milani: Black nail art with thin brush.
Confetti: Gray and dark purple.
 Sally Hansen: Black.

I wanted to do something special on this DIY so I added a fashion DIY at the end of the nail DIY.
The fashion DIY shows you how to create an outfit inspired by the music video. Most of the colors used for the fashion DIY were; silver , black and white just like the outfits in the video.

Here I show you the outfit I made with my clothes inspired by the music video.
Silver pants ; Macy's
Blazer ; H&M
Top ; Forever21
Purse ; Target
Shoes ; Payless

I will keep making more K-Pop DIY videos and J-rock too. I love different kinds of fashion and I admire different type of cultures around the world. That's why my channel offers variety so everyone feels welcome and can watch something they like or reminds them of their home or culture. 
Thank you for your request they were great and I will be taking more request for new videos. =)

Monday, June 10, 2013

E3 2013

E3 2013

E3 is the biggest entertainment , video games and technology expo. I will be at Los Angeles Convention Center  on June 11 -13. As a Machinima partner Im doing a campaign promoting the event. On my youtube channel you will see videos of E3 , updates , new video game releases and more! This week is all about E3! 
If I get lucky next year E3 2014 I might be able to broadcast live from there =)
Here are some videos I upload about E3.

E3 video games preview:

Pro Evolution 2014 preview:

For more information about E3 check out the website:

Here is a video that shows you a quick tour of the website:

More updates , videos and information coming all week , stay tuned! =)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

K-Pop Fashion

K-Pop Fashion  

 In the past few years South Korea has been growing a lot , K-Pop has become known world wide by K-pop music videos , K-pop bands , and fashion. On the video above I display different K-Pop bands and their fashion styles that makes them unique.

On the pictures above I display some examples of K-Pop fashion , Girl K-pop group 2NE1 , Male K-pop group B.A.P and Fashion Icon of K-pop G-Dragon also member of Big Band K-pop male group. K-Pop fashion is all about having fun , having a unique style , and trying out different types of clothes and accessories too. Accessories play a big part when it comes to K-pop fashion for girl and male groups too. Music and fashion have no boundaries , everyone from anywhere can listen to any music and wear any type of fashion they want.

For more K-Pop videos , DIY , Fashion , makeup and more check out my youtube channel =)  (Electrofries)

Friday, June 7, 2013

BzzAgent Venus & Olay Razor Review

Im a BzzAgent member and I have received this package to try the Venus & Olay Razor and give my review.
The razor has five razor blades  get Venus close while gently exfoliating for surface skin renewal.Also has Olay Moisture Bars help lock in your skin’s moisture for less dryness. No need for additional shaving cream!
It has  Shower hook to hang dry in between uses and easy storage plus easy-to-change cartridges (and a hint: any Venus handle fits any Venus razor refill, so you can mix and match).Soft grip  handle for confident control when you shave.It's also available in Vanilla CrΓ©me and new Sugar berry scents too.

I have tried this product and for me it worked out good , I would recommend this product for you to try =).