Monday, June 30, 2014

♥June Favorites♥

Here are my favorite products for the month 
of June!

* Suave tropical coconut conditioner.
* Sanrio character PEZ candy.
*Revlon eye shadows diamond dust collection.
*Dove hair spray holder.
* Disney snow white chap stick.
*L'oreal fucsia lipstick.
* Essence of Beauty citrus coconut perfume.
*L.A color lipgloss.
* Essence of beauty apple flavor lip gloss jar.
* Heart key necklace from Ebay.

  Sanrio PEZ candy was on sale at CVS it was $5
 I paid $1 due to a sale they were having at that moment.

 I choose some coconut products for this month due to Summer season. I think coconut or any fruity scent is perfect for Summer =).

   On the photo above I display the heart key necklace I got on Ebay for only 0.99 cents Free shipping & handling too! =D

Want to get it too? here is the link:

Ebay store:

Check out the video of my June favorites too see my favorite social media people of the month ^^ :

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

FIFA World cup ◢Soccer shoes◣

#BecauseFutbol #Worldcup #soccershoes #worldcupfever

    Everyone right now seems to have world cup fever so why not share some photos of my Addidas soccer shoes.

    As you can see the soccer shoes above are a bit different then the soccer shoes in the bottom photo. 

  The ones above ( red and white) are for grass and sand , meaning you play soccer in grass and sand.

 Here are some photos of the items I received from FIFA world cup.


  Here is a photo of a sports magazine it's a prediction of how the world cup will end. There is also a 5 minutes guide to know who is playing against to.

 Who will win? anything can happen and it's a world cup full of surprises. The team has to play good and win all games or the team goes home.
#allin or nothing.

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Selling Kpop products on Ebay

 Selling Kpop products on Ebay it's really easy here is how:

Step 1: Sign up for an Ebay account it's FREE!

Step 2: Have a paypal account or bank account to link to your ebay.

That's how you will receive the payments from your customers.

Step 3: List the product by describing the item and adding photos. Choose the price and shipping option.

Step 4: Ship it! confirm that you received the payment and print the ebay shipping labels.

Step 5: Get paid! Done!

For more information visit here:

Things to know before you start selling on Ebay:

   Ebay is very easy to use but you have explore around before you start selling. Start by searching other Ebay stores compare the prices and shipping options they use.

 Here are some examples of Kpop products I found for a really good price!

Kpop products on sale at Ebay:

EXO Kpop stamps mark $1.08 Free shipping:

BTOB Kpop bracelet 0.99 cents Free shipping:

Exo Kpop Love necklace $ 2.79 Free shipping:

G-Dragon Kpop One of a kind mask $3.50 Free shipping:

        Tips for selling products on Ebay:

 Take the examples above and you can have a better idea of how they present the product and what strategies they use to sell more.

#1. Take HD photos! Try to take photos on a place that has a lot of light and the product can be seen clearly.

#2. Compare prices! Let's say that you have an Exo Kpop stamp and you want to sell it on Ebay. The stamps sells for $1.08 so you can sell it for $0.99 cents + Free shipping and you beat the competition.

#3. Always sell the products at 0.99 , 1.99 , 2.99 instead of putting $1 , $2 , $3 and so on.

# 4 SEO! Use popular tags so the product gets found quickly. If you are selling Kpop items best tag to put is "Kpop" and the name of the group like" EXO" or "Big Bang" and so on.

Also choose a good title  describing the product just like the examples above. Be sure to write a good description too.

#5. The most important part is to have a good customer service that is key for ANY store , brand , company. Online or in person good customer service is very important. 

More information about selling on Ebay can be found here:

I'm posting this guide to sell products on Ebay as part of a contest for Influenster to win a prize.

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Monday, June 23, 2014

✿Fashion: Spring Summer Style ✿

Spring Summer Style:

   Here is an outfit I put together for Spring Summer seasons.
The outfit has pastel colors , metallic accessories and  Kawaii touches.

Pink cardigan  
I payed: $10 
Original price: $39
Brand: PINK Victoria's Secret

Jean shorts
From Italy.

Tank top
I payed: $5
Original price: $15
Brand: PINK Victoria's Secret

I payed: $1
Original price:$7
Brand: Claires

Pink heart ring
I payed: $3
Original price: $6
Brand: Macy's

Hello kitty ring:
I gave the ring a makeover.

I payed: $11
Original price: $22
Brand: Payless

I payed: $1
Original price: $5
Brand: Claires

Necklace Hello kitty
I payed: $3
Original price: $10
Brand: Claires

I payed:$5
Original price: $10
Brand: Macy's

Brand/ sponsor: Beautylenses

Nail Art
Brand/ sponsor: KKcenterHK
Price: $2.94

unique coupon code : 


Coupon Amount : 10% Off


Brand/ sponsor: Kpop2
Price: $6.99


Watch video HD of Spring Summer Style here:

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Friday, June 20, 2014


  Youtuber , blogger , artist and small business owner "Electrofries" is the name of my store and social media such as Youtube , Google plus , Twitter , Tumblr , Pinterest , Facebook , and blog. 

All links here:

   I create accessories and design fashion clothes.
You can find the accessories mostly made by me 
( expect certain hello kitty items and tech products).


I will put more products on sale each week or so.

  I created my own online business because that's my passion making art. I come from Italian family ( Potenza , Italy) and we always work hard for what we want and we put our heart and soul on what we make specially when it comes to art.

   I 'm also a Machinima/ Youtube partner and I love creating videos. I don't care how many views , comments , or likes I get , I make videos because is what I like to do. If I get paid for it or not I would still make videos because it's an outlet where I express my art and hopefully inspire you and teach you something new with my tutorials. 

  I make variety of videos for everyone to enjoy around the world .

  My videos are in 5 languages;
English , Italian , Chinese , Japanese , and Korean. I will add more languages soon to make my videos for a more wider audience. 

  That's why I have "everything in one type of channel". Meaning a lot of different type of videos all in 1 channel.

  I don't want anyone to feel left out that's why I make videos of different cultures , languages and I will continue to do so.

 There is a big world out there and I'm not going to limit everything to 1 language. I want my content to be for all the world to enjoy.

 There  are no mountains , no oceans , or limits when it comes to creating art. 

Topics you can find on my videos and blog post's:

1. Beauty
2. Fashion
3. Video games
4.Travel & events
5. Hauls
7. D.I.Y ( crafts)
8. Technology
10. Reviews
17.Drawings & paintings
18.Subscriber giveaways

  There is much more to come! To stay updated and participate on subscriber giveaways all you have to do is subscribe to my youtube channel ^^ and follow my blog for monthly freebies too.

   Go to the upper right hand side of this blog and click on the red button that says " subscribe".
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Thursday, June 19, 2014

♥Romwe Burning-Fire-Print-Leggings♥



Price: $27.99

  The leggings are comfortable to wear , the fabric is fresh and perfect for Spring - Summer season.


Material: ★★★★★ 5

Fabric stretch: ★★★★★ 5

Easy to wear:★★★★★ 5

Feel of the fabric:★★★★★ 5

Package condition:★★★★★ 5

Product condition:★★★★★ 5

How to put an outfit together with the leggings:

   The leggings have a burning fire print the best way to match it is with classic colors such as white or black. I choose a black T-shirt with a Hello kitty print. 

   If you wear leggings with print is best to wear a top with a small amount of print or no print at all , otherwise it would be too much print on the outfit.


These Leggings have been crafted with 

an elastic design, featuring slim styling 

with morning glow print look design, a 

stretchy waist and a soft-touch stretch 





40 degree machine wash, do not 

bleach , do not tumble dry, do not dry 


Front look:
Side look:

Sizes for the Leggings:
















Thank you romwe for sending me this 

product I loved it! ^..^ It's a pleasure 

to work with your brand.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Subscriber Giveaways

Subscriber Giveaways:

Section 1: Online prizes.
Section 2: Mail prizes.
Section 3: Kawaii Shout outs for subscribers.

   Every Wednesday every week. I host subscriber giveaways some are online , others by mail. I rarely host personal giveaways meaning I give the prize to the winner in person such as goodie bags.

  The subscriber giveaways are open worldwide to everyone. All you have to do is subscribe to my channel and stay subscribed. If you unsubscribe you can NOT participate on subscriber giveaways anymore.

★Subscribe to enter Wednesday Subscriber Giveaways here:★

My Stores to shop:

Section 1: Online prizes

   Online subscriber giveaways are prizes online such as free music , coupon codes , Kawaii origami templates , channel art , branding intros.

Here are some online subscriber giveaways:

Free music:

Kawaii  Origami subscriber giveaways:

Vouchers to shop online subscriber giveaway:

Channel art:

Branding Intros:

The order of the subscriber giveaway online video is like this:

1. Prize of the online subscriber giveaway ( photo of the prize such as origami or channel art).

2. Winners are mentioned on an annotation like this:



Is that easy =).

   Here you will find all the subscriber giveaways I been hosting more than 100 subscriber giveaways and counting:

Section 2: Mail prizes

   Mail subscriber giveaways:

Mail subscriber giveaways are prizes sent by US mail to subscribers. It can be national or international depending on the promotion if it's only valid in the US.

Here are some mail subscriber giveaways:

Graphic tee for men:
For men:


Nail Art:

Redbook magazine 1 year free subscription:

Sponsor subscriber giveaways:

  Sponsor subscriber giveaways are giveaways sponsored by a brand. For example OASAP is a fashion brand that sponsors some of my subscriber giveaways. They make the rules of the giveaway and I have to host it.

   The winner has be mentioned on a separate video.On the other subscriber giveaways I mention the winners on the same video.

Due to the rules of the sponsor sub giveaway I have to do it on a  separate video.

Section 3: Kawaii Shout outs!

  Kawaii shout outs are cute shout outs given to my subscribers. I will mention 2 - 5 subscribers in 1 kawaii shout out video.

Watch HD:

On each thumbnail you see who are the people I gave a shout out to (example):

Watch HD:

Section 4: Kawaii Mail!

Kawaii mail are videos where I open mail I got from friends/subscribers/followers , or people who sent me something by mail.=)

Watch HD:

   Want to participate on subscriber giveaways?

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