Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back to School Crayola Art Supplies

Back to School Crayola Art Supplies!
As we all know it's that time of the year again when the back to School sales starts. I graduated from school already but I do take advantage of the sales for art supplies since I make drawings and paintings.

On August 1st - 3rd this weekend in the state of Florida it's TAX FREE WEEK! meaning all back to school supplies , clothes and accessories plus office supplies will be on sale and you have to pay NO TAX! meaning if the product it's $2 you pay $2 not ($2.50 or more with taxes like usual).

You can check out the video of  the Crayola art supplies I bought them at CVS a few days ago they were on sale =).

Here is a quick look at the Crayola items.

I will be posting more Back to school stuff like makeup and fashion ideas on the upcoming weeks to keep you posted on what to buy and what is on sale too =).

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Monday, July 29, 2013

2NE1 Falling in love

2NE1 Falling in love nails inspired by the music video!.
This is the perfect song for summer , the video has that feeling of summer and adventure. 
I love the clothes and makeup that are shown on this music video, it's very colorful.

I got inspired by Minzy her nails are so cute on this video and the to go cup in gold was awesome too! I did use a to go cup on my tutorial but it's not the same one , I used the one I bought my Fizz freeze drink near by.

Here is the video tutorial I made , its really easy to make. There are 3 nail designs for this tutorial , check out and give it a try =)

Here are the nail polish colors and brands I used for this nail tutorial.

Here are some photos of the to go cup with the Fizz Freeze drink.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Comic Con 2013

Comic con 2013:

Every year in summer there is a convention called "Comic con" where you can buy , sell or check out comic books , mangas ( Japanese Anime) and upcoming movies and other stuff in entertainment too. It's optional to wear a costume of a comic book or Japanese anime which is called Cosplay.

Comic con was in July at San Diego , California. There will be a Comic con coming up on the month of August in Tampa , Florida I will give an update and information on that too.

Here is the Cosplay tutorial of a Japanese anime called Moon Phase:

This is how the Manga looks like:

 Here is the Sailor moon cat Artemis plushie DIY

Artemis is a character on the Sailor moon anime from the 90's. He belong to Sailor Venus , and Luna the black cat belong to Sailor moon. Later on in the anime a gray cat appears that's the daughter of Artemis and Luna , they were a family.

Here is the plushie DIY of Artemis so you can try to make it , it's really easy and it does not need that many materials to make it =)

Spiderman Drawing Comic Con 2013:

Here is the video of the drawing/painting Spiderman for Comic con 2013 Machinima campaign:

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fanchimp Blog

Fanchimp Blog:

My friend Nicoletta has a blog that teaches you how to sell online products , if you have an Etsy shop it also gives you a lot of ideas on how to expand your shop and sell your products more quickly.

I was the guest blogger at Fanchimp a few weeks ago. I wrote a blog post on how to promote your products on a Youtube video.

You can check out her blog here:

You can watch my video and see how I made it and maybe get some ideas or inspiration to make yours too!

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 Thank you so much Nicoletta for choosing me to be your guest blogger =) It was fun and I hope other people find the post helpful too.
Thank you! tanti grazie!

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Italian Food

Ciao tutti!
I come from Italian family and we eat most of the time Italian food. My family is from Potenza , Italia.My mom teaches me recipes from Italy that my grandma , great grandma , great great grandma used to cook. 

 Here are some photos of Italian dishes:

Here are some videos of Italian cooking , now you can learn how to cook Italian food!

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lego Creation

Lego Necklace DIY :
I made the Lego necklace last week , it was very easy all you need is black and pink nail polish , glue , Lego, and a necklace. It takes less then 5 minutes to paint and what takes the most is the drying part , just to be sure let it dry for 1 whole day the nail polish and the glue. Other then that it's very easy and fun to make!.

Here is the video DIY so you can give it try =)

 Here is how it will look like at the end:

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Adventure Time

Adventure Time Princess Bubblegum cake tutorial!
I made this cake for mother's day back in May , but I uploaded the video a few days ago. I was inspired by the character and the cartoon show in general. This cake was fun to make.
Here is the video so you can learn how to make the cake:

 Adventure Time Finn Cake:

A few months ago I made another cake of Adventure Time with the character Finn. This cake was for a B-day party back in March. I had a lot of fun making this cake it was really easy to make too.
Here is the video so you can learn how to make the Adventure Time Finn Cake too:

 Also I been doing Subscriber Giveaways Adventure Time printable  party supplies check it out!.
If you would like to participate just subscribe to my channel and you have a chance to participate on any subscriber giveaway any time as long as you stay subscribed you have a chance to win.

I also made Adventure Time Bento box:
Bento box is a Japanese Lunch box.

More Adventure Time tutorials and subscriber giveaways coming soon! Subscribe to my channel to participate on subscriber giveaways and to watch the tutorials right away as soon as they are uploaded! =D.
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Friday, July 5, 2013

K-Pop SHINee Pencil DIY

 SHINee K-Pop Pencil tops DIY. I made a DIY on how to make cute K-Pop pencil inspired by SHINee. All you need to make this pencil's are: Ribbon ,tape , pencil,  paper pencil tops with SHINee band members on it ( It can be printed or you can draw it yourself).

Here is the video so you can give it try =)

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