Friday, December 29, 2017

cosplay kashiwazakisena maidcafe Heahair tutorial

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#maidcafe #tutorial :

πŸ’•Sponsor : @heahair πŸ’•

Coupon code: insta10

Amount:10% OFF 

Any purchase at Heahair !

Cosplay inspired by 
kashiwazakisena anime character.

Let's get started with the review!

Great quality wig feels and looks like  real hair.

Color its a beautiful blonde and at top its dark.

Wig is medium- long length and curly style at the back.

Very easy to brush and style too.


Quality :5/5 stars

Color: 5/5 stars

Easy to wear : 5/5 stars

Texture: 5/5 stars

Over all : 5/5 stars

There are different ways to apply the lace front wig.

One way is to glue the lace front to your wig cap with a blow drier.

Others cut the lace out.

I folded the lace inside just to try it out but it's not that great of a way if you have to wear the wig all day.

I recommend either cutting a litte bit of the lace or using a good wig glue to keep it in place.

I'm still experimenting and I will make a tutorial on it.

Cosplay ootd:

Black dress

Black fish net stockings

Maid apron and accessories


Video tutorial on how to apply the wig will be coming soon!☺


Top & bottom eyelashes

Light beige eye shadow on top

Smokey eyes 

White eyeliner pencil

Pink lipstick

Concealer & foundation

Here is a quick way with no tape or glue needed to apply the wig : 

Thank you Heahair for the wonderful wig! I loved it! 😊. Its an honor to work with your brand.

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Kawaii vision 4 : Christmas Ginger bread houses

Kawaii vision 4: Christmas ginger bread houses

All ginger bread imitations Christmas decor at different stores.
These ones below are made of real ginger! At the Grand Floridian :

DIY ginger bread house tutorial:

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Happy holidays!:)

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Kawaii vision 3:Hello kitty squishies at Claire's

Kawaii vision 3:
Hello kitty squishies at Claire's

They recently launched the hello kitty squishies at Claire's store. They were sold a long time ago on Ebay , Amazon, and Asian online stores.

I been buying squishies since 2013 on Ebay back then I got the same Hello kitty waffle squishy as they have now on Claire's store.

Ofcourse it was cheaper on Ebay πŸ˜†.

The only characters they have on squishies is Hello kitty so far. I haven't seen Rilakkuma or any other character yet like on online stores.

The squishies they have are really cute!.
The best part of buying in person is you can see the quality up close.

Online you get it cheaper but you wonder if you get the item you purchased, and if you get a good quality too.

I was lucky on Ebay and got both good quality and good price.
It depends on the seller ofcourse but if you do your shopping right you should find good deals.

Video coming soon ;)!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Anime Lookbook

Anime look book:

3 different looks sponsored by Oasap and Azbro on Amazon:

Black coat:


Beige coat:

Tutorial and lookbook Video:

Coat blue cape style its high fashion and differen from other coats. French styled by beret hat.


Quality : 5/5 stars

Fabric: 5/5 stars

Easy to wear: 5/5 stars 

Recommend: 5/5 stars

Coat 2: 
Black coat with gold buttons , perfect for Autumn and winter season.

Its European style fancy coat for special occasions.


Quality : 5/5 stars

Fabric: 5/5 stars

Easy to wear: 5/5 stars 

Recommend: 5/5 stars

Coat #3 : 

Classic European style coat with gold buttons in beige (apricot) color.

Perfect for Autumn and winter season as well.


Quality : 5/5 stars

Fabric: 5/5 stars

Easy to wear: 5/5 stars 

Recommend: 5/5 stars

Inspired by the prince of red roses an anime I found on Pinterest I created a look based on that character.

Another fashion ootd video:


What I used

Bottom lashes:

Brand from South Korea.

Beige eye shadow

Gold eye shadow

Elf cosmetics

White pencil eyeliner

Top lashes 

Eye lash glue 




Thank you so much Oasap & Azbro stores on Amazon for these lovely coats.

They are great quality I loved them! :)
Its an honor to work with your brands.

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