Thursday, May 18, 2017

How to apply hair extensions Heahair




Quality:5/5 stars

Packaging:5/5 stars

Easy to apply:5/5 stars

Over all: 5/5 stars

The extensions are 7 pcs.
Bigger clips go on the back and smaller pieces like single hair clips go on the front.

See tutorial to learn to apply them:

This summer having highlights is on trend. Applying hair extensions is the easiest way to get the look at home.


Very good quality of hair extensions, highly recommended for those who want to change the look.

Thank you Heahair for the wonderful product I loved it!.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Spring Outfits Lookbook Sanrense and Achicgirl

Spring Outfits Lookbook:


Coupon code: electrofries

Amount: 10% off 

Never expires!


#motd #makeup

Makeup was inspired by Spring in Paris!😊🌸

Red lips with blue and gold eyeshadow.

Dress from Achicgirl ratings: 

Quality:5/5 stars 

Fabric:5/5 stars

Easy to wear: 5/5 stars 

Over all: 5/5 stars

The dress is perfect for Spring and Summer season. Really confortable to wear since they are shorts but looks like a dress.

Its a one piece ready for out doors on a warm day.

Matching purse from Estee Lauder.😉✨


Sanrense shirt:

Quality: 5/5 stars

Fabric:5/5 stars

Easy to wear:5/5 stars

Over all : 5/5 stars

I love the short sleeves on the shirt its so much easier to wear.😊

Ogx Braided half bun hair tutorial



Ratings for OGX products:

Packaging: 5/5 stars

Scent: 5/5 stars

Quality: 5/5 stars 

Effective: 5/5 stars 

Over all : 5/5 stars

Kitsch hair accessories:

Quality: 5/5 stars

Packaging : 5/5 stars

Easy to use:5/5 stars

Over all: 5/5 stars

The Kitsch are easy to use and kind of reminds me of the old cable cords from the old phones. 😆Lol.

They help hold the hair in place without the risk of breaking like the elastic bands.

For this hair look I choose pink , purple , and blue hair extensions.
 To make the hair look pop.✨

Hair tutorial video:

#rockwhatyougot #ogxbeauty 

#mykitsch #kitsch 

Is it me or my hair looks like a cupcake?😆

Here is the OGX beauty 
#rockwhatyougot box:

Box includes:

Hair accessories

About the products:

Ogx presents the new extra strength damage remedy + coconut miracle oil collection. Ultra nourishing and hair with the secret of Maui. Ultra rich repairing blend with coconut oil, essence of tiare and vanilla bean extract will help repair , soften and revive damaged strands.

Thank you ogx and Kitsch for these wonderful products I loved them!😍💖.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Anime Neko Ears Hair Tutorial

Anime Neko Ears Hair Tutorial

Anime Neko Ears Hair Tutorial :




Cospicky Green wig: $36

Coupon code: Electrofries

Amount: 10% OFF on $50 purchase or more.
Never expires.

Look inspired by this anime character:

Fashion list:

Black coat

Black skirt

Black heels

Green wig

2 Cat ears hair clips

Ratings for coat:

Quality: 5/5 stars

Fabric: 5/5 stars

Comfortable: 5/5 stars

Over all: 5/5 stars

Service Ratings:

Packaging: 5/5 stars 

Shipping time: 5/5 stars

Service: 5/5 stars

Great coat perfect for winter season. The fabric is really good and the quality too.
Highly recommended specially if you live in snow areas this jacket is perfect.

Video hair  tutorial:


Green eye shadow

Gold eye shadow

Brown eyeliner

Green mascara

Beige eye shadow

Step 1: Beige eye shadow under eyebrows.

Step 2: Green eye shadow on crease.

Step 3: gold eye shadow.

Step 4: Brown liquid eyeliner.

Step 5: Green mascara.


Magical moon potion earrings:

Purple lips goes well with the look:

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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Kimchi (kimono chica) #ootd Romwe

Kimchi (Kimono chica) #ootd:



Purse Ratings:

Quality: 5 / 5 stars

Material: 5 / 5 stars

Size: medium 5 /5  stars

Packaging: 5/ 5 stars

Shipping: 5/5 stars

Color : 5/5 stars (Just like in picture).

Over all: 5/5 stars


Outfit inspired by Oriental culture using long Yukata Japanese Kimono. 
Matching with red high heels and Romwe red purse.

Gloves made by me also matching the Kimono with white , black , and gold colors.

Outfit called : KIMCHI Style
It's not the Korean dish , its something I came up with to blend the words KIMONO and CHICA = Kimchi style

Video Tutorial:

See makeup blog post here:

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