Friday, August 29, 2014

Redbook Magazine + Nail Art Subscriber Giveaway

Redbook Magazine + Nail Art Subscriber Giveaway:


Nemesys (BK)

  Subscriber giveaway pack includes:

* 2 Redbook magazines
* 1 Red nail polish
* Manicure tools
* Nail Art look book
* Nail Art + makeup look books for Fall.

 On September 2014 Redbook magazine 1 year free subscriptions will be on subscriber giveaways. 

  If you want to participate on subscriber giveaways all you have to do is subscribe here:

 You have to stay subscribed if you want to win a subscriber giveaway , if you unsubscribe you can not participate on subscriber giveaways.


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Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50 Review

Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50 Review:



Code: Summer25
$25 off on any purchase of $150 or more at

Video review:

Details about the product:

 This medium weight daily moisturizer contains a new formula upgrade that accelerates the product's SPF from 30 - 50.

 Yet uses 50% less chemical sunscreen agents , a massive increase made possible through advanced Oleosome technology. Oleosomes are naturally occurring spheres of emollient oils and vitamin E found in Safflower seeds.

  These unique molecules are used to deliver active ingredients such as sunscreens directly to the skin surface , and release them over time to ensure maximum skin benefits.

    In addition to shielding the skin from ongoing solar assault. Dynamic skin recovery SPF 50 reduced hyperpigmentation and contains a patented polypeptide which helps to stimulate collagen synthesis. As well as antioxidant white tea polyphenols to help regulate collagen degradation.

Let's take a look at the package! ^^.


Condition of the product:★★★★★5

Condition of the package:★★★★★5




   My experience with this product was good. 
I loved the scent and that is not sticky like other sunscreens. Perfect for any time of the year specially Spring and Summer.

Here are the results after I applied the product it left my skin glowing.

Thank you so much Dermalogica and Ifabbo for sending me this product , I loved it!. It's a pleasure to work with your brands.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Renzo Restaurant

Renzo Restaurant:

 I visited the Renzo restaurant last month. They serve Uruguayan - Argentine food.

Here is a look at the menu:

Parrillada = Barbeque:

Papafrita = Fries:
Ensalada Rusa = Russian salad:
Mil hojas = 1,000 leaves:

Alfajores de Maicena = Coconut and caramel macarons French Style:

Let's take a look at the restaurant inside!.

 A lot of the food you see in the photos might look familiar if you come from European family. 

 The reason for that is because on WW1 - WW2 a lot of Europeans had to escape war and moved to other countries such as the United States , Argentina and other countries in the American contents. ( North , Central , and South America).

  In Argentina and Uruguay there were a lot of immigrants from Italy , Spain , France , Germany , Russia and other parts of Europe.
That's why the food is different from other latin American countries.

In Argentina and Uruguay they speak the same dialect in Spanish and  called " Castellano".
They are the only 2 countries in the world that have the same accent too.

 Many many years ago Uruguay used to be a province of Argentina. But they went to war and Uruguay became independent from Argentina.

 That's what makes both countries so different from the rest of Latin America.

Take a better look at the food and restaurant on this video:

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Youtube 101: Copyright Strikes

Youtube 101: Copyright Strikes.

 Copyright on youtube has been an issue going on for years. A lot of channels got their account suspended or worst terminated due to copyright strikes.

 Youtube has a system of 3 strikes and you are out , kind of like baseball.

 If you get 3 strikes of copyright or community guidelines your account can be terminated.
I will explain the community guidelines on a separate post.

 Common mistakes user's make and get a copyright strike:

1. Using audio from another artist without their permission.

Let's say you want to use a song of your favorite band or artist. You need to have written permission to use it. Otherwise Youtube will block your video and you might get a strike.

2. Using visual content ( videos and images) that belong to a company , brand , artist.

  If you want to upload let say a music video from your favorite artist again you need to have written permission to use it. Otherwise the video will be removed from Youtube and you might end up getting a strike.

 Youtube has a system that detects copyright and automatically sometimes  blocks your video or gives you a warning that your video has copyright material.

3. Using  anime episodes that also can lead to copyright strike.

4. Using TV show episodes , movies , clips , previews , trailers, even releasing video games before embargo date ( release date).

Those are 4 common mistakes that user's make and end up getting copyright strikes.

 I know it's hard to make content from scratch , but it's the only way you can be sure you don't get copyright.

 Tips and tricks on how to avoid copyright:

1. Use "royalty free music" that free music you can use for your videos.

Also check out the Youtube music library for free music for your videos.

2. Create your own videos without using material from brands , artists , other users , companies.

3. Get inspired! search the web and find your inspiration to make something new or something trending online.

If you already have 1 copyright strike here is a solution to remove it:

 Take the Youtube copyright school video and answer 5 questions correctly and in 6 months your strike will be removed.

  You have to keep a clean record during those 6 months otherwise you wont get the strike removed.

 This only works on copyright strikes, community guidelines strikes can never be removed.

I hope all these information helps you and you can keep creating great videos =).

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Taemin Danger Kpop Nails

Taemin Danger Kpop nails:

  Taemin made his first single called "Danger".
I got inspired by the music video and made a Kpop nails tutorial.


 The colors on the nails are the ones used on the video. At some point towards the end of the music video he was a leopard jacket that's why only 1 nail is leopard style.

  This are the nail polish I used on this tutorial.
Sally Hansen Crackle black nail polish.

Revlon Spider man 2 red nail polish.

Confetti gray nail polish.

Sally Hansen Black nail polish and black nail marker from Japan.

Wet 'n' Wild red , white , clear and gold nail polish.

  You don't have to use all these  colors , use the ones you want. This is just the way I wanted to do it.

   The nails take around 10 minutes maybe less to make. It can last 7 - 9 days if you add the clear nail polish that is the protector so the nail polish does not chip off.

Left Hand:

Right hand:

You can watch the  video tutorial to know how to make the Kpop nails step by step.=)

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

August Freebies

August Freebies:

  Here are some monthly freebies for you to enjoy and share with your friends too =).

Kawaii cake printable template:

Also check out the Sanrio website for freebies too.
Sanrio goodies:

Hello Kitty candy box printable template:


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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pikachu Anime fashion ♥Sponsorship:Romwe♥

 Pikachu  Anime Fashion:



Price: $27.23


Price: $5.75

Sign up for Romwe and get a 15% OFF coupon.

   The fabric of the top and skirt is very soft and comfortable to wear. It's perfect for spring , summer , and fall season. 


Fabric: Polyester

Washing: 40 degree machine wash , low iron.
Don't put it in the dryer it will shrink too much!.


Condition of the clothes:★★★★★5



   When I was a kid my favorite character of Pokemon was Pikachu. I was looking at the products on and I saw this clothes with Pikachu and I had to have it!. ^^ So cute!.

    I will make a video soon with this outfit and my Pikachu plushie but I'm still deciding the location to record the video.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Back To School D.I.Y. Kawaii Notebook

Back to School D.I.Y. Notebook:

   Instead of buying paper covers or fabric covers for your notebooks here is a easy D.I.Y. project for you to transform your notebook.

 It's a low budget project all you will need is:

* 1 Notebook
* Glue
* Magazine or printed images of your choice.

How to do it:

Step 1: Cut out the images of your choice.

Step 2: Glue them to the notebook.

Step 3: Add tape on top of the images to prevent damage. For example water , ink , stains.

 I decorated the front and back of the notebook.


  Some of the images are from magazines , others are images I printed.

Video of the tutorial:

   For more videos please subscribe to my Youtube channel link provided at the end
 of this video.^..^

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

♥OASAP Sponsorship: Snow White Lolita♥

Snow White Lolita:


Coupon code:TMB34TZB 

18% OFF 

Valid until 8/20/2014

Price: $27.90

    Cute Snow white dotted dress perfect for Spring , Summer and Fall season. The fabric is very soft and light. The best way to wear the dress is with red , white , blue , or black shoes. Try to match the accessories with the colors on the dress to complete the look.

*Material: Polyester
*Sleeves have black lace with hearts.

Easy to wear:★★★★★5
Condition of the dress:★★★★★5

Heart shape print tights:


  The tights give the effect that you are wearing stockings up to your knees. The fabric is very soft but it's delicate so be very careful when you wear and wash it. 

  I would recommend you wash them by hand so they don't get ruined.



Easy to wear:★★★★★5
Condition of the tights:★★★★★5

Ear Cuff Punk Floral:

Price: $2.90

 Cute ear cuff with flower decorations. It's easy to wear you apply from the bottom and hock on the middle of your ear.

Material: Bronze metal.

Easy to wear:★★★★★5
Condition of the ear cuff:★★★★★5

Heart shape red sunglasses:

Price:$2.90 on sale , compared to $9.99 original price.

  Cute heart shape sunglasses so kawaii perfect for any season. 

Details: Dark tinted lenses with UVA and UVB protection.
Moulded nose pads for added comfort.
Tapered arms with curved temple tips for secure fit.

Material: Resin.

Condition of the sunglasses:★★★★★5

#SnowWhiteLolita #SnowWhite #Fashion #OASAP
Thank you OASAP for sending these amazing products! I love them! =). It's a pleasure to work with your brand.

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