Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Comic Con 2013

Comic con 2013:

Every year in summer there is a convention called "Comic con" where you can buy , sell or check out comic books , mangas ( Japanese Anime) and upcoming movies and other stuff in entertainment too. It's optional to wear a costume of a comic book or Japanese anime which is called Cosplay.

Comic con was in July at San Diego , California. There will be a Comic con coming up on the month of August in Tampa , Florida I will give an update and information on that too.

Here is the Cosplay tutorial of a Japanese anime called Moon Phase:

This is how the Manga looks like:

 Here is the Sailor moon cat Artemis plushie DIY

Artemis is a character on the Sailor moon anime from the 90's. He belong to Sailor Venus , and Luna the black cat belong to Sailor moon. Later on in the anime a gray cat appears that's the daughter of Artemis and Luna , they were a family.

Here is the plushie DIY of Artemis so you can try to make it , it's really easy and it does not need that many materials to make it =)

Spiderman Drawing Comic Con 2013:

Here is the video of the drawing/painting Spiderman for Comic con 2013 Machinima campaign:

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