Monday, July 7, 2014

Kawaii products in Ebay Guide

Kawaii products on ebay:

Here are some kawaii products I found on Ebay , plus a quick guide to help you sell your kawaii products on Ebay as well.

Quick guide on How to sell Kawaii products on ebay!

Follow these steps to get an Ebay account:

Step 1: Sign up for an Ebay account it's FREE!

Step 2: Have a paypal account or bank account to link to your ebay.

That's how you will receive the payments from your customers.

Step 3: List the product by describing the item and adding photos. Choose the price and shipping option.

Step 4: Ship it! confirm that you received the payment and print the ebay shipping labels.

Step 5: Get paid! Done!

For more information visit here:

hings to know before you start selling on Ebay:

   Ebay is very easy to use but you have explore around before you start selling. Start by searching other Ebay stores compare the prices and shipping options they use.

 Here are some examples of Kawaii products I found for a really good price!

Kawaii Rilakkuma Lenses case $3.68 Free Shipping

Hello kitty laundry basket $4.30 Free shipping:

Rilakkuma containers set (2 containers : 1 small and 1 large.) $7.99 Free shipping:

Panda pencil plush pouch $1.92 Free Shipping:

Tips for selling products on Ebay:

 Take the examples above and you can have a better idea of how they present the product and what strategies they use to sell more.

#1. Take HD photos! Try to take photos on a place that has a lot of light and the product can be seen clearly. Also decorate the photos with Kawaii stickers and effects to make it look more appealing to the customer.

#2. Compare prices with other Ebay stores. Free shipping always sells more quickly the product.

#3. Always sell the products at 0.99 , 1.99 , 2.99 instead of putting $1 , $2 , $3 and so on.

# 4 SEO! Use popular tags so the product gets found quickly. If you are selling Kawaii products the best thing to do for the SEO is to use these tags: Kawaii , Cute , name of the character if applicable , Japan .

Also choose a good title  describing the product just like the examples above. Be sure to write a good description too.

#5. The most important part is to have a good customer service that is key for ANY store , brand , company. Online or in person good customer service is very important. 

More information about selling on Ebay can be found here:

I'm posting this guide to sell products on Ebay as part of a contest for Influenster to win a prize.

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