Monday, September 7, 2015

Sailor Moon Hair Tutorial Redken

Sailor Moon Hair Tutorial:
Bun pony tails.

(That's why Tuxedo mask used to call Sailor Moon meat ball head! haha XD).


Redken Frizz Dismiss set of 3.




Watch tutorial HD:

Ratings for all 3 products:


(Amazing aroma!).

Package condition:★★★★★5

Bottles condition:★★★★★5
(Nothing broken , spray works great!).



(After photo).

All 3 products worked great on my hair! ^^.
The shampoo and conditioner have an amazing scent like an exotic flower mixed with Amber.

The conditioner really does leave your hair soft, my mom liked it so much that she also used the products on her hair and loved it too.=)

The spray works on frizzy hair really good.I have that problem specially in summer since I live in Florida and we all know how humid it can get here. The spray works instantly and leaves my hair shinny , soft and not frizzy. 

The scent of the spray is more fruity which also has a good aroma to it as well. It's not sticky that's the best part and it does not stain clothes.
Keep a safe distance when you use it just like any other hair spray so it does not go on your eyes.

Halloween is coming next month! so I started doing cosplay videos to help you with your costume for Halloween ( ´ ▽  ` )!

In this video I only cover the hair part of the Sailor Moon cosplay. If you want to see the wig, makeup, full costume , & Sailor moon accessories I will make the video next month before Halloween! ^^.

Preview: Eye makeup!

Accessories preview:
(there will be more!).

Thank you Redken for the wonderful products you sent me! I loved them! ^^.
It's a pleasure to work with your company!.

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