Friday, November 20, 2015

Berry Autumn Princess Cosplay


Berry Autumn Princess Cosplay:

Watch tutorial HD:

I love Autumn season!.
This cosplay was inspired by Autumn leaves , colors , and fashion.


For the headband I used false fabric leaves and attached them to the elastic headband. It's a very simple DIY project.

I'm selling the Autumn headbands here:

For the makeup:

* Red eyeshadow


*Black eyeliner

*Brown eyeliner

*Light brown eye shadow

*Burgundy lipstick

*Dark brown eye shadow

The wig I used I bought from Ebay it's a burgundy color and medium - long length.

Here are some tips for Autumn looks:

1. Always use warm colors , fall season is about warm and cozy colors.

Colors: Gold , red , brown , light brown , dark green , burgundy and colors with similar shade to berry.

2. For nails use gold and glitter, that's a classic look for autumn and holiday season.

3.Blazers and boots are always on style for Autumn season , try getting pieces that are timeless to save money for next Autumn.

4. For lipstick try using nude colors , brown matte , burgundy matte and red is a classic for any season and timeless too.

5.For foundation use matte finish foundation and a light brown blush.

Here are some Autumn products on sale:

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Autumn Kawaii bag is decorated with Autumn leaves and kawaii decoden frogs and stars.

I was inspired by Autumn season at night.
When you go to a lake in Autumn season and you see the leaves falling and frogs in the lake , and the stars in the sky. 
Well that's what inspired me to make this bag.

A Kawaii Autumn night.=)

Autumn Squishy Toast Kawaii Iphone4 case:

Price: $10.00
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For this case I was inspired by Kawaii things , squishies and  Autumn season too.

Autumn Gift Set:

Includes box , gift wrapper , name tags , bows for free.

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Autumn Nails:



Free kawaii bag included with purchase.

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