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Mion Sonozaki Cosplay

Mion Sonozaki Cosplay:

Sponsored by:


ELF cosmetics Liquid eyeshadow : $4.00

ELF Cosmetics Hydrating Face primer:$6.00

Cospicky Green wig: $36

Coupon code: Electrofries

Amount: 10% OFF on $50 purchase or more.
Never expires.

Kpop2 Korean eyelashes: (South Korea)

Mary Kay Pink lip gloss Nourishine plus: $15


*Kimono Yukata 

Yukata kimonos are long and have a lot of designs on them.


*Heels or Japanese wood sandals called :

"Geta (下駄) ".

Geta are a mix of clogs and flip flops made out of wood.

Makeup check list:

*Green eye shadow

*Beige eye shadow

* Hydrating face primer

*Eye primer

*False eyelashes

*Pink lipgloss


*Gold liquid eye shadow

*False eyelashes glue

*Green liquid eyeliner

*Gold glitter

*Green pencil eyeliner

Cosplay Video tutorial :

Easy step by step tutorial on how to get this look! =).

Let's get started with the makeup!

Cosplayer Tips:

1. To match the color of your wig use a pencil eyeliner , and color your brows to match.

As you can see in the picture above and below I did that to match my green wig.

2.Use the ELF cosmetics liquid eye shadow as a highlighter on your checks.

3.Use Elf cosmetics liquid eye shadow also on lips.

(See this picture for tips # 2 & #3).

4.To give a finishing touch to your face use a finishing powder for a matte finish.

5.Also carry the glue for your eyelashes in case they come off during an event or Halloween party.

6. Some cosplayers they carry an ice bag between the wig and the wig cap to keep their heads cool in hot weather.
(I never tried it , but other cosplayers did).

7. Always use : face primer, eye primer , and lip primer to make your makeup last up to 24 hours .

Ratings for ELF liquid eye shadow:

Packaging: 5/5 stars

Quality: 5/5 stars

Scent: 5/5 stars

Color Pigmentation: 5/5 stars

Long lasting: 5/5 stars

Easy to apply: 5/5 stars

Brush: 5/5 stars

Easy to use: 5/5 stars

Multi task: 5/5 stars

Over all results: 5/5 stars

ELF cosmetics facial hydrating primer ratings:

Packaging: 5/5 stars

Scent: 1/5 stars

The scent is really bad! that's the down side of this product , worst part it smells like corn starch = / .

Long lasting: 5/5 stars

Quality: 3/5 stars

Pump: 5/5 stars

Bottle: 5/5 stars

Easy to use: 5/5 stars

Smooth application: 3/5 stars
It's a little dry when you apply on skin.

Over all results: 3/5 stars

I think it could be better specially the scent they need to work on it a lot more.

The consistency also needs work it's too dry , it needs more hydration.

Want to see my cosplay previews?

head over to my instagram : @ electrofries7
follow me there ;).

Click on my profile picture to see my Instagram daily story ,
 just like the picture below it will say ; "My next cosplay".

Mary Kay Lip gloss:

Mary Kay Lip gloss  ratings:

Packaging: 5/5 stars

Scent: 5/5 stars

Flavor: 4/5 stars

Color pigmentation: 5/5 stars

Quality: 5/5 stars

Brush: 5/5 stars

Consistency of product: 4/5 stars

Easy to apply: 5/5 stars

Long lasting: 5/5 stars

Results: 5/5 stars

#LipArt :

To achieve your ultimate look for your lip art inspiration always use glitter with lip gloss. It's an easy way to get the glitter to stay on your lips and looks a million times more shinny too!.


Q.Where did you get the kimono?

A. Ebay Auctions for $3

Q. Where can I order the wig?

A. Cospicky .com see links above this post.

Q.Where can I order the makeup?

A. see the links above this post ,and for the lipgloss.

Q. How long did this look take you to achieve?
A. 30 minutes

Q.What was your budget for this look?
A. A lot of the products were sponsored , but $5 would be what I spent.


$3 Yukata kimono won on ebay auction

0.50 cents Walgreens green eyeliner

$1 both green and beige eye shadow

0.50 Glitter at Walgreens

Thank you all the brands ;

Elf Cosmetic , MaryKay, Kpop2, Cospicky

It's an honor to work with all of you and thank you so much for all the lovely products that were sent to me  I loved them all =).

Thank you!




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