Wednesday, January 4, 2017

happy new year 2017!

Happy 2017!

I been a bit missing from my website lately but now with my tablet I will blog more ;).

I will be posting a lot of cosplays as usual , product reviews , makeup looks ,  gameplays , and travel too!.

I will place some new tabs including :

Cosplay tab - where you can find all the cosplays in one place makes it easier.

Modeling porfilio :
As you guys know I'm a freelance model (meaning I got no agency contract I do everything myself). I will upload my studio professional photoshoots here for modeling jobs as well.

Makeup tab - you can see all my makeup looks since I started in 2009 my Youtube channel plus the new ones of 2017.
Since Im becoming a full time MUA (makeup artist) I will put my resume of specific makeup skills too.

Sponsor Reviews: There is a sponsors tab that you can see which sponsors I been working with so far 40 plus brands and counting. What will change is I'm adding the links of the reviews of my website with the link of the video playlist under each logo.

That's whats coming for 2017 on my website =).

For my Youtube channel on 2017 I will be making changes.

2016 was terrible on Youtube glithces that I wasn't able to use certain tools and anbalystics had so many problems last year it was hard to keep up with anything there. I still continue to create videos but it wasn't to my 100% full potential due to technical problems getting on the way on 2016.

This year Im going to continue with cosplays since a lot of you request looks and see those type of videos too.

Makeup will be a big part since a lot of people are interested in getting certain looks , new techniques , and my new add to that is business video to help new upcoming makeup artist getting their business started.

Subscriber giveaways will continue , that was paused due to problems with my health and tech problems too. Im uploading 1 each wednesday every 2 weeks. That way people can enter and subscribe to the one they like this year you choose to enter I'm not randomly picking anymore.

Travel vlogs were requested and Disney plus a few Miami vlogs will be uploaded too.

Ok that's a lot of things to get done remember to subscribe to my youtube channel and follow my G plus to follow my website ;).
Follow my social media too!

Happy new year!

Thank you for visiting!