Saturday, May 27, 2017

Eyeliner 101 makeup lesson


       Eyeliner 101 Makeup Lesson: 
           What you will need: 
1. A small angle brush The angle of the brush makes it easier to draw the lines.

 Or smudge brush: This type of brush is more precise to make the lines and blend with the eyeshadow too. 

 2. You will need eyeliner too.
 Here are the types: 

 * Cream eyeliner ( That's the one I used in the tutorial lesson).

 * Liquid Eyeliner

 *Pencil eyeliner (no brush needed). 

 * Black eyeshadow ( It can be used as eyeliner with the small angle brush too). 

Follow the steps on my tutorial and you will learn how to draw the line in a easy and fast way:

 Video is 44 seconds. 

 Time of creation for this look: 1 - 2 minutes I will be doing makeup , hair , and nails tutoring and online classes. 

This lesson is like a demo so you can see my teaching style.

 My motto is :
 Fast learning & easy creating. 

 Of course every one has a different pace and way of learning.

 I just try to make it easy for people to understand and re create the look themselfs. 

 You don't have to be Michael Angelo to be good in makeup , just practice and try your best.

 Thank you for visiting! Electrofries