Friday, June 14, 2013

EXO - History Nails & Fashion DIY

Exo -History Nails inspired by the music video. In the last month I been taking request from my subscribers on Youtube and they have some great request! Some K-Pop fans that are subscribed to my channel requested to do EXO - History and I listen to their request and made it =D.

I admire the video and got inspired by the music , fashion and the cute K-Pop singers too XD.
The colors I used for this DIY were the colors I saw the most on the music video ; silver , black , white , purple , gray , and stars with glitter.

In the photo above I display the nail polish colors I used.
Revlon : Metallic silver.
 Wet 'n' Wild : Stars with glitter , white ,silver , and purple.
 Milani: Black nail art with thin brush.
Confetti: Gray and dark purple.
 Sally Hansen: Black.

I wanted to do something special on this DIY so I added a fashion DIY at the end of the nail DIY.
The fashion DIY shows you how to create an outfit inspired by the music video. Most of the colors used for the fashion DIY were; silver , black and white just like the outfits in the video.

Here I show you the outfit I made with my clothes inspired by the music video.
Silver pants ; Macy's
Blazer ; H&M
Top ; Forever21
Purse ; Target
Shoes ; Payless

I will keep making more K-Pop DIY videos and J-rock too. I love different kinds of fashion and I admire different type of cultures around the world. That's why my channel offers variety so everyone feels welcome and can watch something they like or reminds them of their home or culture. 
Thank you for your request they were great and I will be taking more request for new videos. =)