Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hawaii Week! Aloha!

Aloha! On my youtube channel I been doing Hawaii week! Today Sunday it's the last day Im going to upload videos related to Hawaii. I been doing Hawaii fashion , Nail DIY , Hello kitty store decorated Hawaii theme and subscriber giveaways Rilakkuma Hawaii theme as well. It was fun!

I always got inspired by different places Hawaii is my inspiration when it comes to summer season. The floral prints , the tan , the bright color's and the fashion style in the islands.I never been to Hawaii but I study fashion and I always loved to learn about different fashion styles and cultures too.

I have a friend that lives in Honolulu , Hawaii , he is on Youtube as well "Grant Uchida" he is a musician  and comedian artist and very good at what he does.He has been doing comedy and music videos for years and he has live shows in Hawaii. You can check him out at his youtube channel:

Here is a video a made about Hawaii Fashion:

 Hawaii fashion for women , inspired by Hawaii landscapes and flowers.
 Hawaii fashion for women , this was inspired by the beach.
 Hawaii fashion for men , inspired by the beach and flowers.
 Hawaii Hats for men or women.

Hello Kitty store decorated Hawaii theme:

Hawaii Kawaii Rilakkuma Subscriber Giveaway:

 Hawaii Nails DIY

I bought Hawaii floral nail stickers at Aeropostale and made a nail DIY so you can get the look too.

 Here is the Hawaii Nail DIY:

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