Wednesday, April 23, 2014

♥Perlier Royal Elixir facial serum♥

Perlier Royal Elixir facial serum:

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    Perlier Royal Elixir it's an innovative anti - aging serum that has fresh royal jelly from African bees known to stimulate collagen production and provide vital nutrients and anti-oxidative properties to the skin.

   All the water in the product has been replaced by extremely pure rose distillate that has moisturizing and toning properties.
This product is made in Italy. 

Here is the view of the package :

Unboxing :

Ratings for this product:

Package conditions:★★★★★ 5
Product conditions:★★★★★ 5

Skin feels energized and alleviate: ★★★★★5
Skins brightness:★★★★★5

What this product can do for you:

 ♥Optimizes the vital functions of the skin while also optimizing cell renewal.

♥Provides for the right atmosphere for the optimization of the production of collagen , which helps in making the skin look less wrinkled and more compact.

♥Gives the skin that immediate energized feeling and look and helps to alleviate your signs of tiredness.

♥ Gives your face new brightness , brilliance , splendor and true rejuvenated look.

Results this product can provide:

Cellular vitality is renewed by an amazing percentage , skin has that appearance of renewal day after day : wrinkles looks relaxed , tissues looks more elastic and healthier. The face looks  and feels younger.

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