Monday, May 19, 2014

Vivitar Mini Digital Camera Review

Vivitar mini digital camera Review:

    The Vivitar mini digital camera can take up to 20 photos.
Includes a USB cable and a software CD to download the photos.

    If you have a netbook or tablet that doesn't have CD option to insert I would recommend to contact costumer service and they should be able to send you a link to download the software.That's what I had to do.

     The camera is good for on the go like traveling or if you go out it fits in your purse . It also has a key chain so you can use it like that too.

   The camera is very simple it's not HD but the photos are OK quality. It's fun size type of camera ^..^. It does not have flash so make sure the room or place it has a good lighting.It's only for photos not videos.

   The camera was sold at CVS or Walgreens for $10.00 but later it was on sale for only $2.00 =D.

Over all rating: 3 stars

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