Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fall Lookbook OASAP

Fall Lookbook OASAP:


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Look 1:


  This dress is classic piece that never goes out of style. Black and white are classic colors that match with everything and never go out of fashion.


    Another thing I love about this dress are the gold spikes on the shoulders. ^^
To match better this outfit use accessories in gold , black , and white.

  The shoes were gold and black , and accessories are black , gold , and white.

Look 2:



Price: $5.90



 Black lace tops and dresses are a classic piece for fall season that never goes out of style.
It also gives a romantic and gothic look to it.

   The necklace can match look 1 & 2. Black and white with a touch of gold goes perfect. Also a classic piece to any outfit.

  The bracelet is more of a fun bracelet to wear with clothes that are balck or white. Black ususally matches any color.

Look 3:




This look can be for Spring or Fall. Pastels can be used on both seasons.(More in Spring but if you live in Florida in fall you can still use spring clothes due to the hot weather).

 The dress is very cute this look is perfect for outdoors specially for events in the fall and spring season too.

Video of the Fall Lookbook:
(Coming up tomorrow).

  Thank you OASAP for sending these lovely clothes! ^..^ It's a pleasure to work with your company =).

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