Sunday, September 28, 2014

L'oreal Redbook House Party

L'oreal & Redbook magazine House Party:

  My mom and I got to host a house party of L'oreal products and Redbook magazine ^^.
L'oreal and Redbook magazines are the sponsors of the house party.

   House party is a company that allows you to host parties at your house with family , friends , or anyone you want to invite.

  There are themes such as food , beauty , kids , ectr. You apply for the party you would like to host and if you get chosen you host the party.
If not you apply for another until you get chosen.

  Thanks to this house party I was able to host subscriber giveaways to give some lucky subscribers 1 year of free Redbook magazine subscriptions. All the other subscriptions were given out in the party to each guest. =)

Beauty bar for guest to try L'oreal makeup:

Plus more photos!

Check out the video to get a better look here:

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