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Fairy Kei Fashion OASAP(• ω • )♥

Fairy Kei Fashion :

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Top: Ice cream & pastries sweatshirt

Price: $20.93

Bottom: Skirt


Hair Color Extensions:

Price: $1.90 
each Hair extension meaning 1 piece is $1.90.
Regular price $3.80 Sale price is $1.90

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Let's get started!

  Fairy kei is a Japanese street fashion style that is very colorful. It consists on pastel colors , prints , and a very bright look.

  It's a mix of sweet lolita , decora blend , and a touch of the 80's. Accessories are 80' and 90's theme.

History of Fairy Kei:

 Fairy Kei originated  from Sauri Tabuchi , the eminent  Tokyo fashion figure's store Spank.

Fairy Kei means Fairy Style in Japanese.

Watch the video HD:

  Having colorful hair for Fairy Kei fashion style is the final touch to the look. I matched the purple eyelashes with the OASAP purple extensions.

  The blue and pink extension are also from OASAP and they match the colors of the ice cream and pastries of the sweatshirt.

  Wearing a wig can be a lot of fun , but for this look I only used colorful extension and the rest is my real hair. ^^.

My ratings for the products:

Package condition:★★★★★ 5

Products condition:★★★★★5

Comfortable to wear :★★★★★5 Yes!

Fabric:★★★★★5 Very soft!


Fitting:★★★★★ 5
It does offer other sizes and the top and skirt due stretch. If it says one size always look at what type of fabric is some of them due stretch and it can fit sizes M - L in certain cases.

Tip: Remember to check the measurements before you purchase online.


                      Fairy Kei VS. Pop Kei

The difference between Fairy Kei and Pop Kei:

  Some people are probably wondering what is the difference between Fairy Kei and Pop Kei since they are similar but not the same.

Here is the answer:

  Fairy Kei has bright , pastel colors and 80's style print and accessories. Does not have black colors or leather fabrics.

  Pop Kei also has bright colors and 80's style prints but it also has black and leather fabrics to the look. 

See the difference here:

Pop Kei Look:
Fairy Kei Look:

Now that you know the difference it can help you coordinate the outfits better.=)

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