Sunday, April 26, 2015

Kawaii Mail : Omar Najam

Kawaii Mail:
From: Omar Najam!

2 Weeks ago I received a gift by mail from Omar Najam! =D.

These is what he sent me:

He made a special water color card for me and a $15 Itune card!=D.

My reaction when I got the mail:

This was very special to me I wasn't expecting anything at all , you did so much for me when you worked at Machinima and outside of Machinima too. You are a good friend and we know each other since March 2013! wow! 2 years! and hopefully more to come =).

Thank you for always being so kind and sweet with me. ^^ I never got a water color drawing from anyone XD this is the first one I got and I will always save it in my special folder =).

Thank you for the very special card!
I will read it on the video tomorrow ^^.

Thank you for visiting!