Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Travel Edition: Miami

Travel Edition: Miami

Here are some photos of DownTown Miami when I visited back in 2011.

This building looks like half of a cake:

Street name after Carlos Gardel a Tango singer from Buenos Aires , Argentina.

Down Town Miami streets:

Argentinean restaurant + food in Miami:

Sea sights in Miami:

Traveling Tips:

I have to let you know a lot of stores close at
 6 PM!. Restaurants , casinos , and bars stay open at night.

If you want to enjoy Miami to the fullest you need to get up early , later take a nap and than go out at night.

There is a really big Argentinean community there so you will find a lot of restaurants and stores with products from Argentina.

Other communities you might find are from Venezuela and Cuba. Most people speak Spanish pretty much every where in Miami.

My Experience:

My experience in Miami since 1994 until 2011 was pretty good I visited mostly Down town Miami and beaches too.

Miami is a city with palm trees that's how I would describe it. 

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