Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Kawaii Weekly Newsletter

Kawaii Weekly Newsletter:

Every week I'll be updating you on kawaii post's , videos , trends and more!.

Let's get started!

Kawaii Tsum Tsum:

I blogged about Tsum tsum on my latest visit  to the Disney store! soon I will upload videos related to Tsum tsum.

See it here:

Hello kitty kawaii cake photo I took at Publix:

I also got Kawaii mail! watch HD:

Blog post:

Kawaii purses:

  I went to the mall and found some cute purses on display.

Blogged about it here:

Kawaii Nails tutorial watch HD:

Kawaii Gif's of the week:

Kawaii photo of the week:

Sailor moon sale sign at hot topic store inside the mall.

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