Sunday, December 27, 2015

Harajuku Inspired Cherry Fashion OASAP

Harajuku Inspired Cherry Fashion OASAP:


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Amount: 20% OFF


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Cherry outfit:

Cherry outfit includes top and skirt.
I matched it with red high heels and my red wig, plus matched my makeup as well =).

This is a perfect spring or fall day look.

Get it here:



Fabric:5/5 stars

Quality:5/5 stars

Design:5/5 stars

Look from the back:

Front Look:

Red Lace Dress inspired by the Harajuku Cherry look as well but more glam.

Red Lace dress is comfortable to wear , it comes with a small little jacket like a bolero design on top.

Get the dress here:



Fabric:4/5 stars

Quality:5/5 stars

Design:5/5 stars

This look is more for at night or special event.
I used red high heels , burgundy wig and my gold and red claws to complete the look.

Red goes perfectly with gold so I would recommend to add gold accessories like a red belt , earrings , ring , bracelet , and necklace too.

You can get all the accessories here:
They do have accessories as low as $2.

For shoes go here:

Eye Make up:

I used:

*Green emerald eye shadow.

*Gold glitter eye shadow.

*Red eye shadow.

*Beige eye shadow.

*Green emerald color mascara.

*White pencil eye liner.

*Eye primer to make the look last longer.

The eye makeup was inspired by the cherry dress and I used the same colors based on that.

Thank you so much OASAP for sending these lovely products!.I loved them , it's an honor to work for your brand =).

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