Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Winter Curls Routine Proganix

My Winter Curls Routine Proganix:


Soy protein + caffeine volume Proganix collection!

Watch tutorial HD to get your winter curls ready:


*Volume Shampoo

*Volume Conditioner

*Amplify Gel

*Root boost finish spray

*Snow flake ornament


What does each product do for your hair?

*Shampoo: Supercharged formula infused with caffeine & soy protein envelops each strand with a super boost. In other words it makes your hair with more volume and bouncy curls.

*Conditioner: After shampooing add the moisturizing conditioner to help increase the diameter of each strand.

*Amplify Gel: Amp up your roots with this gel infused with caffeine and soy protein.Apply from root to tip for better results.

Root boost finish spray: Wake up your roots with this power packed formula to add lift and body to your hair.


This is a close up of my curls ^^.

Tips & Tricks:

Tip #1: Voluminous styles starts at the base so always apply the product from the roots to the tips.

Tip #2: To seal the look always apply spray that holds it for 24 hours.

Tip #3: Layer all Proganix volume products together , like I did on my video.

Tip #4: You can use a barrel curling iron holding in place 5-10 seconds on each curl, instead of flexible rollers like I did in the tutorial.

Tip #5: For ringlets don't use fingers to separate curls.


All products: 5/5 stars ^^!


Here are my after photos!

Thank you Proganix for the wonderful products!.^^ They worked great  and left my long hair really curly like I wanted.It's an honor to work with your brand =).

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