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Melanie Martinez Makeup and Hair Tutorial

Melanie Martinez Makeup and Hair Tutorial:


Video Tutorial:


ELF and OGX 

OGX Beauty:

ELF Cosmetics:

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ELF moisturizing lipstick Razzle Dazzle Red #82644 : $3.00

ELF Clay eye shadow palette Saturday Sunsets: $6.00

ELF Illuminating Palette : $6.00

This makeup and hair tutorial was inspired by the celebrity ; 
Melanie Martinez. I recently saw many of her music videos and my favorite ones were Teddy bear.

The look I created was inspired by the picture of her cry baby album cover (see cover photo on this web post 1st one at top).

I also found a drawing that was really cute of that picture and used it as reference too.


Eyes makeup!

I used ELF products to recreate Melanie Martinez look.

For the eye shadow I used ELF Clay eye shadow palette
Saturday Sunset #81292.

1.Highlight under the eyebrows.

2.Pink in the eye lids.

3.Black cream ELF eyeliner.

4. ELF Beautifully bare defining mascara.

5. Blue pencil eyeliner to color in eyebrows.

6. White pencil eyeliner to color in under the eyes.

7. Apply eyelashes (optional) and you're done!.=)

For skin apply ELF illuminating palette to make your skin glow all day.

Ratings for ELF products:

Quality: 5/5 stars

Packaging: 5/5 stars

Long lasting: 5/5 stars

Color pigmented: 5/5 stars

Easy to apply: 5/5 stars

Results: 5/5 stars

Let's move on to the hair:

I used OGX beauty ( a.k.a. Proganix) hair products.

This hair tutorial is simple and easy to recreate.
 The hair style is called ; "Space Buns".

I added pink bows to match Melanie Martinez look better.

1. Make 2 ponytails and add  OGX coconut water oil .

2. Roll them up and you have 2 buns.

3. Apply OGX  Argan oil of Morocco sea salt spray.

4. Add bows and done! =).

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Using ELF lipstick
Razzle Dazzle red #82644 

#EOTD with eye lashes on.

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Check out the #BadAssHairDay OGX Summer box video here:

Thank you ELF and OGX Beauty for the wonderful products! I loved them all! =).
It's an honor to work with both brands.


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