Wednesday, June 22, 2016

OGX Beauty BadAssHairDay Box

OGX Beauty BadAssHairDay Box:



Video HD:

The OGX #BadAssHairDay box includes 10 products + 1 mirror  + 1 temporary tattoos.

These are the perfect products for summer hair.
If you have frizzy hair or just want to add some shine these products will for sure do the work.

I will make video tutorials to show some ideas for hair styles and ways to get great frizz free and shine on hair that you want ;).

Where to buy it?

Here is a quick picture of CVS where they have a lot of OGX products on sale right now.

Other stores where they sell OGX are 
Walgreens , Target , and their website too see link in this post above.

Thank you OGX Beauty for sending these 
wonderful products! I love them!.
I will do a review for each product too, it's an honor to work with your brand.

Thank you for visiting!