Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hatsune Miku School Uniform Cosplay

Hatsune Miku School Uniform Cosplay:



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Hatsune Miku character:

Backpack review:

The backpack is very good quality and perfect size to carry stuff for work , school , traveling , or any event you need to go to.

They have variety of designs such as galaxy , anime and more!.

The one I choose was the anime girl design.

Ratings for backpack:

Quality:5/5 stars

Design:5/5 stars

Packaging:5/5 stars

Fabric:5/5 stars

Over all:5/5 stars

Over all it's a great quality and it's worth buying.


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ELF Cosmetics: 

e.l.f. Aqua Beauty Radiant Gel Lip Stain:


A refreshing weightless gel tint that provides radiant sheer color 

and is enriched with Purified Water that hydrates and feels cool 

on contact. This long-wear lip color stains the lips for that "just 

bitten" effect. Infused with nourishing Rosewater and Vitamin E 
for a splash of hydrating color. The formula is extremely 

comfortable and great to wear alone or as a base to your 

favorite e.l.f. gloss for a vibrant effect.


Quality: 5/5 stars

Scent: 5/5

Packaging: 5/5

Color: 5/5

Pigmentation: 5/5

Long lasting: 5/5

Results: 5/5 stars

After application:


The gel lip stain will last a long time after application. 
Remember to let it dry for at least 5 minutes.

No need to peel off the lip gel , it dries on your lips with in minutes. Best of all no lip stains after!.

Fashion check list:

* Blue aqua tie

* White shirt

*Black blazer

* Sailor (or blue) skirt

* Black stockings

* Black heels

* Blue aqua wig

* Blue bows (optional).

See cosplay tutorial here:

Makeup check list:

* Lip gel pink shade

* Blue eye shadow

* Black eyeliner

* Beige eye shadow

* Rhinestones 


* Blue pencil eyeliner

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Thank you Sanrense and ELF Cosmetics for sending these wonderful products! I loved them! ^^. It's an honor to work with both brands.

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