Sunday, February 26, 2017

Redken FW2017 Dior

This look at Dior is truly magical fairytale couture. To create the ‘wood sprite waves,’ we tissue-set the hair to give a soft, romantic, uneven texture to the hair. The sides were pinned back to keep softness and fluff around the face and constantly brushed to give a lightness to the look.”  – Guido.



1.Create a soft, clean center part.


2.Apply Redken Wind Blown 05 at the roots and mid-lengths, section by section throughout the length to give a lot of texture with hold in order to easily shape the hair.

3.Section out the hair using tissues, making each section a different size for added texture and shape. Keep the sections around the hairline slightly smaller than at the back of the head.


4.Start rolling the tissue paper around the hair and secure with a bobby pin. Quickly run a flat iron over each section to set the texture.


5.Allow hair to set and cool for 20 minutes.


6.Remove tissue paper and bobby pins and use a boar-bristled brush to comb through each section.


7.Take your first two sections of hair and pull them away from the face. Pin them back at the back of the head with two small bobby pins. Pull out random pieces in the front for a soft, romantic look.

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