Sunday, August 4, 2013

August Favorites

 August Favorites!
This is my second post on my Fashionista blog which is about Fashion and Beauty =).
Every 1st of the each month I will post a video on my youtube channel of my favorite items.
It will be beauty items , fashion items , accessories , and different type of things that I like.

This month I choose beauty products. August is the mix of Summer and Fall season so you have to have products for both season's pretty much to be ready. Depending on where you live temperatures can be more hot or not around this month.

Here are the August Favorites!

Venus & Olay Gillette Razor:

Exfoliates for the surface skin renewal and helps replenish skin moisture.

Skintimate Shave gel limited eition Flirty Mango:
Moisturizing Shave gel combines enticing fragrances and 11 moisturizers.

Loreal products:

Loreal eyeshadow includes 4 colors: Gold , white , green and purple. They are very shinny and can last all day.

Loreal nail polish : It dries pretty fast and can last up to 1 week.

Loreal lip gloss: It's very fresh once you put it on you can feel your lips fresh. The color can last a while but it does absorb very quickly.

Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Conditioner:

Total care nourishing Daily conditioner , nourishes scalp for strong beautiful hair in 7 days.
The essential source of hair's natural nourishment  is the scalp.This product has enriched Nutrium 10 technology , a rich blend of vitamins and Nutrients, for active nourishment of scalp and hair in every wash.

True Blue Mini Moisturizing gradual Tanner:

For Daily moisturization with aloe vera and gradual tanning, smooth evenly over body. It takes 3 hours for the skin to be tan.

CVS SunScreen:

SunScreen lotion broad spectrum SPF 50  and water resistant.

Neutrogena Beach defense SunScreen:

Water + sun barrier lotion broad spectrum SPF 70. Defends against signs of water damage. Water resistant 80 minutes. Beach strength UVA/ UVB sun protection.

Simple Facial Wash Gel:

Refreshing facial wash gel , a blend of beneficial ingredients and vitamins.Leaves your skin thoroughly cleansed and revived. Perfect specially for sensitive skin.

Neutrogena Acne-prone skin Facial bar:

Dermatologist recommended  it provides effective gentle cleansing for skin with acne.
Hypo- allergenic formula won't over dry while gently cleans away excess oil from skin.
It won't clog pores it's non - comedogenic. It's also superior rinsability meaning rinses completely and leaves skin free of residue which can interfere with the effectiveness of acne medication.

Bath and Body Works Lip Gloss Holder:

Cute panda lip gloss holder , if you have trouble finding your lip gloss in your purse this might be a good solution to find your lip gloss. This lip gloss holder cost $5 if you wait until it goes on sale you can find it for $2- $3.

Here is the video My August Favorites:

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