Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer Makeup

                                                           Summer Makeup

Last week I made a video tutorial of  Summer makeup showing step by step how to get the look.
Here are the products I used on this tutorial:

The most products I used  were shimmer , tanners , and bronze for this look.

Before you go out side you always need sunscreen specially in Summer , before you put on makeup make sure you have your sunscreen on. I would recommend SPF 50  if you have sensitive skin.
Neutrogena is a good sunscreen its not sticky like other and has a good aroma too.

 Gradual tanner Blue mini from Bath and body works  it's a good product if you want to get that gradual tanning glow. It will last 1 week and then you have apply again. It will take 3 hours to see results.

Almay Foundation and concealer this is what I used every day for my skin , plus the powder foundation also Almay. It's very fresh and blends in pretty good with the skin.

Shimmer gives you that Summer glow that makes your skin glow all day. PINK VS. brand actually has shimmer brushes that are scented too.

Another product I use a lot on Summer are bronzers . Cover true blend it's a bronzer I would recommend just becareful not to add too much other wise it would look to heavy. With a wide brush add a decent amount of bronzer on your face and neck.

Take a closer look at the products:

Don;t forget your blush!

Almay blush that blends in with your skin tone. If you have fair skin it will look a soft pink. The blush came in the same package with the Almay foundation. It will last all day.

  Loreal lip gloss its a soft color perfect for Spring / Summer and it stays on too , when you add the lip gloss it feels fresh instantly.
The PINK VS. lip butter with organic shea butter  , its very creamy and makes your lips super soft.
Bare Essentials Mascara , its water proof and it will last all day. You need to have water proof mascara specially  in Summer with all the rain and heat it's easily for makeup to get messed up.

Check out the video tutorial of Summer makeup:

I hope you guys had an awesome Summer!
Thank you for visiting!

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