Thursday, August 15, 2013

First Day Looks

Back to school Fashion : First day looks

For some states they go back to school on September , for other states like Florida for example they go back to school now on August. Here are some ideas of outfits for your first day of School.

 Outfit 1:
This outfit is like a uniform , using the colors red , white , blue and a little bet of gold.
I used to go to a private school when I was a kid and it reminds me of the uniform I had to wear back in Elementary School. A lot of the School's in Europe that are private have to wear uniforms that look similar to this outfit. Every private School has different type of uniforms and they also have different symbols that represent the School name.

 Outfit 2:
This outfit has pastel colors and it has that Summer to Fall season transition. It's cute , girly but also can be a perfect first day outfit.

Outfit 3:
This outfit has pastel colors and black , wearing pastel colors with black makes the outfit pop. Remember opposites attract when it comes to colors. The black backpack can match both outfits and the makeup has pastel colors with some cool colors like blue and teal.

Outfit 4:
This outfit it's School girl mixed with Kawaii. The backpack of Hello kitty and the top gives that Kawaii feeling to it. The skirt gives the School feeling to it and the shoes are the glam touch to the outfit. You can also wear black shoes that  would also look fine.

 Outfit 5:
This outfit is all about pastel colors. A skirt with a bow and a shirt with ruffles is a cute outfit and easy to wear with flats. The makeup has to be pastel colors as well.
 Outfit 6: 
This outfit has pastel color shirts and demin skirts , it's an easy to wear outfit and cute too.

Outfit 7:
This outfit is Street style , also has the city feel to it. The colors are cool  with black and gold accessories.
Outfit 8:
This outfit it has pastel colors and 1 cool color. Gray can match with pink but it has to be light pink not hot pink for the combination to work.
Outfit 9:
The bag shown here it can be used in 3 ways, Backpack , handbag and bag. This is a Japanese School bag. Most School's in Japan wear a uniform and use this type of backpacks. Japanese Schools have different dress code then what is used in the United States. Some Schools in Japan also have School on Saturday's.

Outfit 10:
Last but not least , this are 3 looks are would look cute for the first day of School. I hope you liked the outfits and get some ideas for your first day of School.

Here is the video of First day looks:

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