Friday, September 20, 2013

DIY: Kawaii Makeup Brushes Set

DIY : Kawaii makeup brushes set

This DIY is very easy to make , all you need is:

* Makeup brushes
* A clear bag
* Stickers ( Kawaii if you want)
* Glitter nail polish
* One ribbon to make the bow
* Sequence ( stars , hearts , ectr.)


   I been looking to buy makeup brushes set that was colorful and shinny but I did not find any set like that on any store I went to. So I decided to create my own set of makeup brushes with glitter and sequence.

    It took 1 minute to paint them with the nail polish and add the sequence at the end. I had to wait 30 minutes to let them dry. The DIY project can take 35 minutes total. What takes longer is letting the nail polish dry. 

  For the stickers you can use whatever you want , I choose Sanrio characters stickers that's why the DIY project is Kawaii theme plus it also goes with the Japan week Theme on my Youtube channel this week until tomorrow Saturday 21 st. I will upload a Rilakkuma bento box tutorial it's the big finish to Japan week =) I been working hard on that tutorial.

I have more videos and blog post coming up!
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