Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Japan Week

Monday 16th - Friday 20th of September it's Japan week theme on my Youtube channel!

Kawaii nails , subscriber giveaways , Rilakkuma bento box , J-rock makeup and much more!

I admire Japanese culture a lot and it inspires me in many different ways. I always collected stuff from Japan like Anime items , mangas , bento boxes , chopsticks , cards , plushies , accessories , hello kitty , Pokemon , Yugioh , Rilakkuma and more.

I never been in Japan (yet) but I been in the Japan section at Epcot , Disney World in Orlando , Florida where I lived at. It was amazing all the girl employees had to dress with kimonos! it looked awesome. They re created Japanese temples and restaurants too. They had an anime shop that's where I bought Pikachu plush for only $12.99 back in 2007.

I learned how to make sushi and bento boxes by my self thanks to Youtube videos I found that showed step by step on how to make it. I always got inspired by Japanese fashion too the way they dress is amazing and I wish I could go to Fashion week on Tokyo. I love Harajuku ,Kawaii , otaku , J- rock fashion styles.

My favorite band of J-Rock is The GazettE and Ruki is my favorite of the band. Other bands I like are No God , Versailles and a lot more you can check out my J-Rock playlist on youtube that's what I listen to.

From Japanese Anime my favorite ones are Sailor Moon , The Ouran host club , moon phase , Inuyasha , Death note , Fruit basket , Soul Eater , Naruto , Bleach , and more. I love the different stories and how they draw them with all the special effects and the dynamic the stories of the Japanese anime has.

I will make more blog post on Japan week! I love doing this type of videos and I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoy making the videos =).

My family is not from Japan , Im not from Japan but I always felt a special connection with that country I don't know why exactly but I love it =) I hope to visit Japan in a few years or sooner.

Thank you for visiting!

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