Monday, September 30, 2013

Fashion Week 2013

Fashion week around the world!
Seven Cities around the world with the best fashion shows of fashion week.

                                      New York Fashion Week

  Let's start with New York City! The fashion capital where all the fashion shines as bright as the lights in the city. I love fashion week in NYC the runways , the streets , the events it's all so glam. A lot of new yorkers on fashion week dress up even more , even if it's just to cross the street they have to be dress to impress during fashion week because all the important people in fashion are in the city. If you want to get notice by them you gotta impress them with the best clothes and accessories too.

Here are some of my favorite photos of New York fashion week:

Let's move on to Asia!

                                            Tokyo Fashion week

 Japan , Tokyo is a well known fashion city where you can find a lot of different types of fashion and amazing runways on fashion week too. Traditional , out of the box and glamour are words that come to mind when I see Tokyo fashion week.

Here are my favorites of Tokyo fashion week:

                                                 Seoul Fashion Week

South Korea , Seoul fashion week it's so amazing , the clothes , the way they present the clothes and the K-pop artist that go to the shows too!. G - Dragon went to Seoul fashion week to check out the latest fashion trends!.

Here are my favorites of Seoul fashion week and the photo of G- Dragon at Seoul fashion week:

Here are my favorites from Elle magazine in Seoul , South Korea:

                       Beijing Fashion Week

China , Beijing is one of the biggest fashion weeks , this year was epic with all the clothes , makeup with special effects and couture fashion. I got really inspired by the runways in China this year that I might create some inspired looks later on.

Here are my favorites from Beijing fashion week:

Let's move on to Europe!

                                         Milan Fashion Week

Italy , Milan one of the most amazing fashion weeks!. The fabrics , the styles , the makeup and clothes are all so original and classic. In Italy designers get inspired by everything around them like art , places , food , and everything that makes Italian culture unique. They always keep it classic because it's a signature style that Italian people have when they put together an outfit. The out fit has to be classic , clean , stylish , glam , and unique. I come from Italian family so I know this since day 1. I admire Italian fashion and have some Italian designer clothes and accessories my self sent from my family from Italy and others that I bought my self.

Here are my Milan fashion week favorites:

                        Paris Fashion Week
France , Paris one of the most glam fashion week. Paris has that classic and romantic atmosphere and designers get inspired by it. The fabrics , the accessories , the clothes are all so chic. French designers get inspired by art , the streets of Paris , and  window displays.

Here are my Paris Fashion week favorites:

                        London Fashion Week

England , London fashion week a classic style fashion week with english inspired pieces. London fashion week is inspiring they keep the clothes classic and stylish at the same time. London is a great destination for fashion shows and to meet people in the fashion industry as well.

Here are ny London Fashion week favorites:

I hope you all had fun on Fashion week and got inspired by clothes , the styles , and the runways.
Fashion is art , and art comes from the heart.

Thank you for visiting!

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