Wednesday, March 12, 2014

♥Beauty Subscriber Giveaway for Men♥

Beauty Subscriber Giveaway for Men:

    This subscriber giveaway is for Kenny. 。◕‿◕。

    Thank you for always being nice and a caring person.
I hope you like the gift and I tried to add all the products travel size ( except the shaving cream that's full size). Because I know you travel a lot and it might become more easier to carry on. =)
I added gum and chocolate to make it more fun too. ^^

Check out the video here:

The package includes:

♥Nivea men shaving cream full size.

♥Scope travel size.

♥Irish spring soap ( just in time for St. Patrick's Day).

♥Body lotion travel size.


♥Chocolate M&M's.

( The gum and chocolate it's for fun , I know it's a beauty for men subscriber giveaway).

Final look of the beauty for Men bag:

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