Saturday, March 15, 2014

DIY: Ornaments

    Here are some ideas for ornaments. You can us ornaments to decorate a room , desk, locker , anything!. The holidays are not the only time of the year you can use ornaments. Be creative!.

On the photo above it's a Hello kitty ornament specially for Christmas.

On the photos below I made ornaments with names and themes.
They can be used for the holidays or anytime of the year due to the colors.

Some ideas of how to use these ornaments all year round:

* Decorate the desk.
* Door hanger.
*Hang in the wall , car mirror , fridge.

On the photos below it's a special ornament I made for kpop2
a company from South Korea that sells eyelashes and lens.

This was a gift I sent them for the holidays. The ornament can be used anytime of the year because of the colors. 

Always keep in mind if you are making an ornament that has be used all year make it with colors that can match any occasion.

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