Sunday, March 16, 2014

Geisha Makeup Tutorial

Geisha Cosplay Tutorial:

I made a tutorial of Geisha cosplay makeup , hair , and fashion.
The video is 1 minute and 22 seconds. Very easy step by step video in English and Japanese language.

What is a Geisha?

Geisha (芸者), geiko in Kyoto dialect (芸子) or geigi

 (芸妓) it's a traditional Japanese female entertainer.

They wear traditional kimonos and they even have hair 

dressers and fashion stylist to help them.

Here are the products I used for this tutorial:

* Airspun white powder foundation .

*L'oreal eyeshadow ( use white and purple colors only).

* Bon bons creamy eyeshadow ( use as bade for powder 


*Ardell's false eyelashes glue.

*  Fantasy makers  false eyelashes wonderland dreams.

*Victoria's Secret red lipgloss

* Kpop2 Secret star girl false eyelashes.

False eyelashes from South Korea =).

Product on sale here:

Review on this blog post:

Geisha makeup sketch:

This is the Geisha makeup sketch I made it's pretty 

simple. Red lips , purple eyeshadow , pink cheeks , black 

eyeliner and full eyelashes. White foundation powder is a 

must for this look.

Final look of eye makeup:



Let's talk about fashion!

It's tradition in Japan for Geisha's or special Japanese 

events to wear kimono's. I bought this kimono on Ebay 

for $7.29 free Shipping and handling back in October 

2013. It's very soft and easy to wear.

Let's talk about hair!

For the hair I made a simple hair style all you need is:

* 2 chopsticks

* 10 hair clips or more.

* 2 hair bands.

Hair clips have to strong enough to hold your hair in a big 

bun. Also adding decorations such as flowers and 

butterflies will look even better. After that add the 2 

chopsticks. Make sure the chopsticks match the colors 

of your kimono.

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