Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Renzo Restaurant

Renzo Restaurant:

 I visited the Renzo restaurant last month. They serve Uruguayan - Argentine food.

Here is a look at the menu:

Parrillada = Barbeque:

Papafrita = Fries:
Ensalada Rusa = Russian salad:
Mil hojas = 1,000 leaves:

Alfajores de Maicena = Coconut and caramel macarons French Style:

Let's take a look at the restaurant inside!.

 A lot of the food you see in the photos might look familiar if you come from European family. 

 The reason for that is because on WW1 - WW2 a lot of Europeans had to escape war and moved to other countries such as the United States , Argentina and other countries in the American contents. ( North , Central , and South America).

  In Argentina and Uruguay there were a lot of immigrants from Italy , Spain , France , Germany , Russia and other parts of Europe.
That's why the food is different from other latin American countries.

In Argentina and Uruguay they speak the same dialect in Spanish and  called " Castellano".
They are the only 2 countries in the world that have the same accent too.

 Many many years ago Uruguay used to be a province of Argentina. But they went to war and Uruguay became independent from Argentina.

 That's what makes both countries so different from the rest of Latin America.

Take a better look at the food and restaurant on this video:

Thank you for visiting!