Friday, August 22, 2014

Taemin Danger Kpop Nails

Taemin Danger Kpop nails:

  Taemin made his first single called "Danger".
I got inspired by the music video and made a Kpop nails tutorial.


 The colors on the nails are the ones used on the video. At some point towards the end of the music video he was a leopard jacket that's why only 1 nail is leopard style.

  This are the nail polish I used on this tutorial.
Sally Hansen Crackle black nail polish.

Revlon Spider man 2 red nail polish.

Confetti gray nail polish.

Sally Hansen Black nail polish and black nail marker from Japan.

Wet 'n' Wild red , white , clear and gold nail polish.

  You don't have to use all these  colors , use the ones you want. This is just the way I wanted to do it.

   The nails take around 10 minutes maybe less to make. It can last 7 - 9 days if you add the clear nail polish that is the protector so the nail polish does not chip off.

Left Hand:

Right hand:

You can watch the  video tutorial to know how to make the Kpop nails step by step.=)

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