Saturday, August 23, 2014

Youtube 101: Copyright Strikes

Youtube 101: Copyright Strikes.

 Copyright on youtube has been an issue going on for years. A lot of channels got their account suspended or worst terminated due to copyright strikes.

 Youtube has a system of 3 strikes and you are out , kind of like baseball.

 If you get 3 strikes of copyright or community guidelines your account can be terminated.
I will explain the community guidelines on a separate post.

 Common mistakes user's make and get a copyright strike:

1. Using audio from another artist without their permission.

Let's say you want to use a song of your favorite band or artist. You need to have written permission to use it. Otherwise Youtube will block your video and you might get a strike.

2. Using visual content ( videos and images) that belong to a company , brand , artist.

  If you want to upload let say a music video from your favorite artist again you need to have written permission to use it. Otherwise the video will be removed from Youtube and you might end up getting a strike.

 Youtube has a system that detects copyright and automatically sometimes  blocks your video or gives you a warning that your video has copyright material.

3. Using  anime episodes that also can lead to copyright strike.

4. Using TV show episodes , movies , clips , previews , trailers, even releasing video games before embargo date ( release date).

Those are 4 common mistakes that user's make and end up getting copyright strikes.

 I know it's hard to make content from scratch , but it's the only way you can be sure you don't get copyright.

 Tips and tricks on how to avoid copyright:

1. Use "royalty free music" that free music you can use for your videos.

Also check out the Youtube music library for free music for your videos.

2. Create your own videos without using material from brands , artists , other users , companies.

3. Get inspired! search the web and find your inspiration to make something new or something trending online.

If you already have 1 copyright strike here is a solution to remove it:

 Take the Youtube copyright school video and answer 5 questions correctly and in 6 months your strike will be removed.

  You have to keep a clean record during those 6 months otherwise you wont get the strike removed.

 This only works on copyright strikes, community guidelines strikes can never be removed.

I hope all these information helps you and you can keep creating great videos =).

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