Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Black Rock Shooter Cosplay OASAP

Black Rock Shooter Cosplay OASAP:

Sponsor: https://www.oasap.com/?fuid=137840




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 Black Rock shooter is an Japanese anime. I saw the outfit at Oasap and reminded me of the character. 

The cosplay is very easy all you need is:

* Black shorts.
*Black bra or top.
*Black long coat.
*Black gloves.
* Boots.
*Black hair wig (if you don't have dark hair).
If you have a fake sword or fake weapon to go with the cosplay is a plus!.

                         Front view of shorts:


                       Back view of shorts:

   The shorts are a bit small too but it fit me pretty well. The outfit is one size. Meaning it fits XS - M sizes. I'm M size and it was a bit small for me but it still fits me is just tight.


    The bra is a bit small. I'm D cup and the bra is for A & B cup so it was a bit small and I had to use another black bra in the bottom of the cosplay bra. That's the other reason why I wear my coat on top too.

My Ratings for the product:

Quality:★★★★★ 5


One size only and barely fits size M.

Condition of product:★★★★★5

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