Monday, December 15, 2014

SpreadShirt Shop CLOSED

Spreadshirt shop closed:

 About 3 weeks ago I closed my Spreadshirt shop it wasn't working out. I did keep the Cafepress shop and my personal shop Electrofries shop at wix.

 For now I will keep the Cafepress shop. I will upload more designs there and orgranize everything again.

 For Electrofries shop at wix that is my personal shop where I sell products I made by hand. That is more like a catalog for people who live local and want to order. That's why you can't order online.

 I don't know if in the future I will allow online purchases on that shop , but I'm thinking about it.

 Sorry for the inconvenience that might of caused , but it was time to close my Spreadshirt shop.
Some things are just not meant to work out.

 I will be making a lot of changes this coming year 2015. Some things will be closed and other new things will come.I will make a video soon on that , I'm still making a decision.

Thank you for visiting!