Friday, December 26, 2014

Japanese School Girl Uniform Cosplay DressLily



Price: $13.05

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 The outfit includes:

* Top

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   I love the outfit it's soft and light to wear. I also love it because I watch anime and I see how the characters wear school uniforms and I always wanted to wear one like this.

 It reminds me a bit of Sailor moon anime , I think it was Sailor Venus that had a school uniform in the day just like this one.

 Sailor Mercury and sailor moon had one like this but with a red bow in the middle instead a red tie.That was their school uniform in the day.

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Condition of product:★★★★★5



Easy to wear:★★★★★5

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 Back side view:

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 Thank you for sending me the lovely outfit I loved it!. It's a pleasure to work with your brand.=)

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