Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Comic Con

Comic Con:

What is comic con?
Comic Con is a comic convention held every summer at San Diego , California.
You can go dressed up in your favorite cosplay of a comic book character , video game character or anime character.

Usually this convention is done in July every year. 
2015: 7/9 - 7/12.

Here are some ideas for you to get ready for Comic con!.

Comic Con section on my channel:

Section 1:
Cosplay Ideas:

Video cosplay tutorials + ideas for you to try out watch HD.

Japanese sailor school girl cosplay:

Moon phase cosplay:

Pokemon Serena cosplay:

Death Note Misa cosplay:

Anime cosplay ideas (variety of characters):

Other cosplays:

Elsa Frozen Cosplay:

Race car girl cosplay:

Vampire nurse cosplay:

Geisha cosplay:

Section 2:
DIY tutorials:

Here are some tutorials of DIY craft projects you try.

Sailor Moon Luna as princess Kaguya hair tutorial:

Cat ears Moon phase cosplay DIY:

Sailor Moon Artemis plushie DIY:

Origami claws DIY:

Chinese fan DIY: (Incase you need this accessory for your cosplay).

Pac-Man Nail art tutorial:

Section 3:
Food tutorials:

You will get hungry at the convention so why not prepare your food at home and save some money? here are some tutorials to help you out.

Hunter x Hunter bento box:

Sushi roll + bento box:

Adventure time bento box:

More cooking tutorials here:

Also check out some game plays here:

When is Comic con 2015?
July 9th - 12th.
Information here:

Have fun at comic con!
Thank you for visiting!