Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How to buy pet products on Ebay

How to buy pet products on Ebay:

     You can find different types of products for pets on ebay for all sizes big or small. Always look in the description of the product to know what size it exactly is. If the product is not the size you order you can either return it , exchange it for the right size or get your money back. 

   Follow these steps: 

1. Go to Ebay search. 

2. Set a budget and search from low to high price. 

3. Set to free shipping. 

4.Pick buy it now  or auction option. 

5. Condition: new. 

   You can find chew toys , pet food , pet beds , cages , litter boxes , litter scoops , pet clothes , collars , leashes and more. Remember to look at the description for the size of the product , some products are only for small pets and others come in different sizes. 

 In the product description  check for the following: 

1. If the seller accepts returns or exchanges. 

2. If the seller offers variety of colors and sizes. If they have variety of colors and sizes check if you can pick the colors or if it's sent random. 

3.Check if the condition is new ( never buy used stuff for your pet). 

4. Double check on the size. 

5. Check how long it will take to arrive. 

If you are not sure about buying the product always contact the seller and ask them what you need to know before buying. 

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