Thursday, July 30, 2015

Gyaru Makeup

Gyaru Makeup:

Gyaru is a fashion style from Japan which means "gal" , girl in Japanese language.

Here is what you need for the look:

*A blonde or pink wig (if you have real hair with those colors then you don't need a wig).

*False eyelashes


*Lipstick (tan or pink color).

*Black eyeliner

*White eyeliner pencil.

*Self tanner

*Tan foundation powder.

*Light pink eye shadow.

*Light beige eye shadow.

*Stiletto nails a.k.a Gyaru nails.

Watch tutorial in English and 
Japanese HD here:

Gyaru Nails:

Most Gyaru nails are long and colorful. In Japan nail salons have special designs inspired by Gyaru fashion. The nails usually have a lot of color , decorations and bling too.

The Nails you see here I made them my self watch HD :

Other type of  kawaii nail art acrylic nails
 are on sale on
my ebay store here:


Both wigs displayed here I got them on Ebay ^^.
Wig 1: Honey blonde color.

Wig 2: Blonde and pink colors.

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