Sunday, August 2, 2015

How to buy and set up stage lighting guide

How to buy Stage Lighting & Effects on Ebay:

Buying stage lights  it's easy if you know what you are looking for. First you need to know the size of light you need and the color of the light.  
For a stage or studio you need  3 sets of lights for each section. 

Section 1: front of the stage you need at least 3 lights. 

Section 2: Left side you need 2 - 3 stage lights. 

Section 3: Right side you need also 2 -3 lights. 

If you need you can also add another set on the roof as well in case is too dark. 

Buying lighting effects on Ebay can cost $5 and up depending on the type of effects you need. If you need projector that will cost $15 and up. To get a better deal make sure you set your refinements on Ebay on free shipping , buy it now , and set your budget too. 

To have a better lighting experience make sure to buy white lights they make the room look more brighter. If you are going more for a warm look then buy the yellow lights that makes the tone of the studio look more cozy.

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