Monday, August 17, 2015

Halloween Black Wicked Lady Chibiusa Cosplay LensFlavors

Black Wicked Lady Chibiusa Cosplay LensFlavors :



I'm a fan of Sailor moon anime since I was a 5 years old and I decided to make a cosplay inspired by it. This cosplay can be perfect for Halloween , Comic Con , or any anime expo or event you attend to.

I decided not to do the black upside down moon , I just felt it would look better like this.
You can decide if you want to place it or not is your choice.=).

Watch tutorial HD:

For this tutorial I used:

* Red dolly lenses from
* Pink wig
* Black eyeliner
*White eyeliner
*Pink and purple eyeshadow
*False eyelashes
*Eye primer
*Violet lipstick
* Long black lace dress.

LensFlavor package includes:

* 1 pair of re contact lenses.
* Kawaii macaroons lens case.
*Japanese hair accessory.


Package condition:★★★★★5

Bottles condition:★★★★★5


Easy to wear:★★★★★5


Take a look inside the bottle:

Before shots:


Hair look:

For the hair I used a pink wig , and made two buns on each side. You can make pony tails and than the buns if you like. It all depends on the length of your wig.

Final cosplay look:

Final Eye makeup look:

My Sailor moon cell phone case!

Moon prism power!

Thank you so much lensflavors for the cute products you sent me! I loved them!.^^
It's a pleasure to work with your brand.=)

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